Thursday, May 19, 2011

Faldo's Latest News

On the golf front, this sales lady - pictured here - talked me into buying new golf clubs. My buying decision was based purely on careful analysis and a deep dive of all criteria.

Since I am having an hard time finding a good caddy, I settled on a new set of TaylorMade irons - stiff shafts.

I played my last set for 10 years, so it was time. Let's see if the "new technology" does anything for me.

On the poker front, I did have a final table finish, finishing 6th out of 373 on Poker4Ever. They were paying 5 places. I lost a coin flip. What can I say?

Also, I have cooled off on BoDog in the SNG's. Down a little and going to have to hit a streak soon to get back in the black.

On the political front: All I can say is that every Obama voter ought to swear NEVER to vote again. You obviously are too easily fooled and do not take voting very seriously.

Obama told us he was a communist BEFORE the election!!! Anyone trying to pay attention knew this.

A vote for any Democrat ever again makes you an enemy of the United States constitution and our Bill of Rights. Pure and simple.


Woody Stiffens said...

"... Stiff shafts....". TWSS

Anonymous said...

Hey Woody, TWHS!!!

Anonymous said...

Pull out a Montecristo at a dinner party and the political liberal turns into the nicotine facist."
-- Martyn Harris