Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Faldo Week in Review

Sorry for the length between posts. I had a very busy week that included a trip out of town. It was my first road trip in my new assignment. I might be doing more of this again. We will see. Of course, I am used to travel because in my last work assignment I traveled about 70% of the time.

On the poker front, Faldo still is on-line grinding away. I still can cash in SNG’s and still am playing at Absolute and Ultimate Bet. But I doubt I will ever see any of that money. The conspiracy theory in me says that UB/AP may be stacking the deck in US player’s favor since they don’t plan on paying us anyway. But time will tell.

But, I am also doing well at Bodog – which has no issues. So maybe I am just playing well and running hot right now. Again, time will tell.

Note: With Bodog, this has happened to me TWICE. After you finish a SNG, a screen comes up and asks if you want in a similar event again. ALWAYS make the NO choice quickly, unless you do want to play another.

I have twice hit other keys or click on different screens that I had open, and I defaulted into registering for ANOTHER tourney. And there is no option to unregister! The first time, I had the time, played in the next one and won it! Lost a little sleep is all.

The second time, I had to forfeit because of dinner plans. So, be careful.

The MTT (multi-table tournaments) low-stakes and freeroll wars at the other sites are not going well. But that’s ok. One deep run and all will be fine.

On the golf front, Faldo 2011 is not the Faldo of 2009, or even 2010. I look like the Faldo of 1999 with better putting. The driver is short and inconsistent (twss). I can’t hit my long woods. My irons are erratic, and my short game is gone. Outside of that, I’m playing great (this is what is known as sarcasm).

But the weather is warming, the courses are drying out and maybe I will get my strength, stamina and touch back with time and playing. With Plan B, I could lift some weights, eat better, drink less and get more sleep too.

Nah. I’ll stay with Plan A.

On an observation note, I have a multiple choice question for you. In a manufacturing plant:

One set of offices has standard chairs, small cheap desks, drab file drawers and metal standard sinks and cupboards in the break room.

The other set of offices has executive chairs, upholstered lounge chairs, big polished wood desks, cupboards and stainless steel sinks with filtered water on tap.

The group in one of the offices drove this company into bankruptcy and the other group had to watch it happen.

Which group has which offices: The Management or the UAW union thugs?

Added bonus information: One group hired a project management consulting firm to handle all the golf trips and junkets they attend in order to make sure they didn't over-lap. The other gets to go on vacations only when the plant is not running.

Time's up. Answer please.


Nik Faldo said...

Come on.......somebody take a guess. Want another hint? Ask the


which group has the nicer offices and paid project management consultants to handle their "business trips."

Brian said...

Nobody answered because it was just assumed that this was common knowledge on the board.

Wonder if that libtard who trolls your board pimpin his site as "the truth" will weigh in. BTW, whenever someone refers to their own work as "the truth", it always is anything but that.

Nik Faldo said...

Well the libtard would have to chat it up here, because he doesn't allow comments on his site.

Losing every debate got tiring for him I guess.

Libsmart said...

Show me evidence to your claim on this "story". The offices of the brass at the companies you mention are very nice and quite swanky.

Stop it with the BS lies.

Libsmart said...

Decline of the union and more unemployed AMERICAN workers. Fact!

Nik Faldo said...

As far as evidence Lib, I don't need to prove anything to you. People who know me, know what I say is the truth.
Just accept it and move on.

Second, your analogy is quite ignorant. Unions caused much of the unemployment. Union members caused much of the unemployment. Unions extorted - with the power of the government - higher wages than the markets could support.

When union members were given a choice between wage concessions and more hire - or same wages and no hires - the "rank and rank-file" chose high wages for themselves.

Even the union bosses were upset as their dues collection could not go up.

If the McUnion Burger Meal Deal is $10 and the Free Man Burger Meal is $5 - for the same product - where do you think people will eat their burgers?

Did unions destroy the US economy all by themselves? Of course not. But they are a guilty as any of the other causes. Democrat policies, deficit spending by both parties, and high taxes all chased businesses out of the USA - in addition to high wages.

Union government workers is a farce and simply a money laudering operation for the Democrat Party. Those have to be dissolved. You cannot have a union striking and extortiing the tax payer.

Unions are rooted in the Communist Party. You know that, don't you Comerade Libsmart?

libsmart said...

your full of crap.

Without a union (and even they aren't doing enough) the only jobs left here will be burger flippers and wall-mart greeters.

what would you say to a new high school or college grad? Just be happy that their country fucked them over? That their grandfathers fought in a War only to have their country fuck them over?

Nik Faldo said...

Libtard, the only reason the only jobs left are flipping burgers and greeters at Wal-Mart - IS the union.

How blind are you? The unions price jobs out of markets. If unions would get dissolved, then auto workers pay would come down and Wal-mart and burger flipper pay would go up!

There would be an honest market driven wage to attract the best worker possible for the job needed.

Unions are a money laudering operation for the Democrat Party. They care nothing about the "worker".

I had a union president tell me to my face, "I am not for the worker. I am for the union." I've been there man. You drank the Kool-aid on unions because you think it makes you matter. You don't. Especially not to the union.

The country didn't fuck anyone over. The citizens fucked themselves over by voting Democrat.

NOW we have a government that will not only fuck us over - but TAKE us over.

Now you say I am full of crap. Did you look into "union history" or are you just spouting wise?

Google Bill Hawood and Eugene Debs. Then get back to me.

The first union charter goal was not for "fair wages", "health care" or "work safety". It was to over-throw the capitalist system of the USA.

Got another assignment for you. Find Jimmy Hoffa and ask him how union life treated him.