Monday, February 14, 2011

Derf-63 Wins His 2nd NPP Heads Up Tournament…In a Row!

Derf-63 is THE MAN in our one on one event! To win two straight double elimination tourneys over the players at NPP, is quite a feat!

Derf-63 is a man of few words and not into promoting himself at all.

Just like Faldo. Yes, I said………just like the GREAT FALDO!!!!

Anyway, we are left with his final opponent, K9isadog to give us some insight as to how it went down.

Before we read about the tourney, I also need to acknowledge the tremendous accomplishment of K9isadog. He came within one heads-up match from sweeping the board of NPP titles for 2010.

He won the league and the total points title by a record amount, and then made the finals in the Heads Up tourney. Nice job John (K9).

On to the tourney(s):

From K9isadog: “Derf kicked my ass!

I won the first game in dominating style (woof woof).

In the rubber match, I had my money in twice with me covering derf each time about 2-1, and each time Lady Luck smiled on Derf and gave me the finger. [Ed. Note: That is called “PokerStars Faldo Luck”.]

He eventually smothered my comeback from his astounding river catch when his (K5) (16%) hit when I flopped top pair (Jx) (84%) and he had straight draw.

He missed his straight but Kinged me crippling me to 600 chips.

Then with when my (A5)(58%) was called by his (KQ) (42%) and the [Q] flopped to screw me again.”

Well, as Clancy said after beating the Cincinnati Kid, “It gets down to what it’s all about, doesn’t it? Making the wrong move at the right time.”

Congratulations to both of these fine players on their accomplishments.

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