Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Community Card Review – XXI

The Congressional Oversite Panel, set up to monitor the effectiveness of the trillion dollar mortgage bail out program issued a report of their findings – two years after the money was spent by Pharaoh Obama and the Democrat money stealers in Congress.

The report finds that 6 million families are at least 2 months behind in their mortgage payments, and in addition, every month 200,000 people receive foreclosure notices.

The Oversite Panel also had to invent a new word – “re-default”. This is where the bailout got families up to date on their mortgages, got a re-finance with lower than market interest rates - only to see them default again later.

Why should you care? Because you are paying for this. This program is the worst failure of the many of the Czar Obama regime. Billions of tax dollars were wasted and families still lost their homes.

What is the King Obama and his court’s response to this failure? Well, more of the same of course. It is what liberals do. Compound their failures – with other people’s money of course.

The Democrats are reaching out to their socialist professors of Economics for solutions on how to save Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – the Democrat mortgage slush fund, lead by the Mortgage Queen – Democrat Barney Frank.

In other words, find a way to make socialism, stealing of public finds and squandering of billions of dollars somehow work this time.

It never has, but the Democrats want to try again. What choice do they have? Admit failure or steal from the taxpayers yet again. They of course choose the latter.

Kick the can down the road. That is what liberals do – enrich themselves at the expense of others – now and even the future “others”. Right now your great grandchildren will still be paying this debt down – if we started now. And the Democrats don’t want that on their watch.

They will wait and blame the Republicans-conservatives-Tea Party when the real pain starts. It is what Democrats do. They start the fire and then stand on the sidelines and throw rocks at the firefighters with the help of their comrades in the media.

But that is for 2014 if our country makes it that far.

You don't think a repeat of Egypt could happen here? When our dollar collapses and necessities become scarce - which is what triggered the events in Egypt - watch and see.

The Democrats are spendiing us there - and everyone in Washington knows it - no matter which way they vote or which party they belong to. Everyone knows Democrats are communists. But only Faldo calls them what they are.

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