Monday, February 21, 2011

The Community Card Review – XXII

“I’m just trying to balance my budget.”

Now that statement may not go down in history with “Give me liberty or give me death!,” but it may have the same impact.

For those of you in Ann Arbor, a little history lesson you may not of heard in the public school system. Back when this nation was formed, citizens of the United States wanted freedom and liberty – or death - over tyranny and high taxes. No, honest.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker uttered them and may trigger the end of the Democrat Party and their unholy union - with the Soviet Union – I mean “worker” unions. I bet most of you don’t know the first union was founded by two communists, who fled to the Soviet Union after killing some free men trying to earn a living.

The first union charter was not a declaration for “fair wages” or “safe working conditions”. Nope, it stated a union’s goal was the overthrow of the US capitalist system.

Walker has proposed cutting benefits for government employees. And more importantly, curbing the power government unions have to strangle the state with future financial demands.

He also wants state employees to contribute to their own pensions and health care, closer to the numbers that NON-GOVERNMENT workers do (who by the way, who are also already paying for the government worker’s healthcare thru taxes).

Walker also wants the state of Wisconsin to op out of directly collecting the union dues from the employees. Let the union collect them from workers who actually want to be in the union. Now THAT is real freedom!

In addition, he wants secret ballot elections required every year to see if state workers still want to be a member of a union. What?? Free and secret elections in a union??? Un-heard of. Unions would have to “negotiate” a new contract every year and the most they could ask for is a ‘cost of living’ amount tied to the Consumer Price Index – unless voters agree to a tax raise to pay for more.

The governor says getting these rules in place would balance the budget and save thousands of state worker layoffs and save Medicare coverage for thousands of children.

The state is preparing for the union thug backlash and will call in the National Guard if necessary. Remember, liberals do not protest peacefully, like the Tea Party does. They are liberals, communists and thugs. Period.

The vote on this proposal was scheduled and on the day of the vote – NONE of the Democrat lawmakers showed up for work! In fact all had left the state, bussed out of town by the National Democrat Headquarters.

Now I don’t care where you fall politically. But this has to be clear to anyone except the mentally retarded, that the Democrat Party is degenerate. When Pharaoh Obama and the Democrats took over the White House, the Senate and filled the courts with communists, the Republicans came to work, voted and took the losses.

When the Democrats unconstitutionally rammed healthcare thru Congress, the Republicans challenged them, voted against it, and peaceably abided with the lawlessness – rather than start a revolution.

Now that the shoe is just slightly on the other foot, the Democrat Party acts like a spoiled child – taking their ball and going home – instead of doing their job and voting one way or the other.

My fellow Americans, this should be the start of the death of the Democrat Party. They have shown themselves for what they truly are. If it isn’t this nation is doomed.

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