Sunday, February 13, 2011

Faldo May Be On To Something

Jessica Biel is even thrilled about it. Of course she is thrilled just being near Faldo.

Faldo has played in hundreds of multi-table tournaments (MTT) on-line. The number of players is usually between a couple hundred to many thousands of participants. Because of these numbers, the distance between cashes and profitability can be quite large.

This slides Faldo into a panic mode. That is over –stating it, but let’s just say MTT poker goes from a hobby pastime to a job or an investment. Not near as much fun or as relaxing. In other words, I don’t like it.

As proven by my success in 1-table sit-n-goes (SNG), Faldo can cash at a reasonable rate when the number of players is not large. My win-cash rate is high enough to where my modified progressive betting system (MPBS) on SNG’s is working well. The swing in my bankroll never seems to get uncomfortable for me.

So these facts led me to work on a hybrid system. I could limit the number opponents to 90 or 180, and alter the MPBS to fit the larger time between cashes. After all, my record keeping has 5 years of win-cash rates in SNG’s.

What I settled on was a Final Table goal. Winning would be gravy, but a 5th place finish seemed reasonable as my bogey to get profit. In other words, when I reached a negative amount of lost entries that was greater than the 5th place payout of the tourney I was entering, I then would move up in stakes.

So far, so good! This system did not do so well in January, but the make-up cashes started in February, getting in the black.

Finally Faldo hit a 3rd place finish, which got me in the positive column – due to the moving up in stakes.

Then in the span of the next twelve tournaments, I got a 4th, 8th, 21st (which paid) and a 9th.

It’s early, but this looks like it just might work out. The goal is to slowly and continually build the bankroll – then take half of the profits to take shots at some big paydays. Conservation of the bankroll is always the first consideration.

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