Friday, September 24, 2010

True Poker Updates Their Site – Check it Out!

Niks Poker Palace – supporting youth hockey (see picture), PokerStars and True Poker (started in 2000).

Big thanks to Beerhog, BigBrimar, DavetheDog and Faldo himself for contributions to the sign fund at the Beerhog Hockey Golf Outing.

PokerStars – I love you, but one of the sites I cannot seem to leave alone is True Poker.

It has 3D tables, talking avatars and quirky table surroundings that are just too much fun to ignore.

True Poker’s old lobby was hard to navigate and tough to read. But they have updated their software, their lobby look and added a 2D table option.

They accept US players and eWalletXpress is an option for loading the site and cashing out.

Cashing out has never been a problem. What is a problem is the low volume of players (True Poker ranks 25th in the world in traffic) and the occasional software freeze. But refunds are given quickly.

All this site has to do to get bigger is add many cheap tourneys - and ADVERTISE! Faldo is attempting to help out with the latter.

Go to the site and even if you play for free, the software is worth checking out.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the kids. (We went through 4 full kegs!)