Tuesday, September 07, 2010

K9isadog Makes a Run in a PokerStars Mega-Tournament!

Here is his story:

"LOL.....bobbed and weave for five and half hours with blinds 30000/15000 and ante 3000.

In the Small Blind, a I (K8) called a short stack all-in from button his (AK) stood up.

With 158k i had (KJ) UTG (under the gun) and limped for 30000 and folded to raise of 90k and an all-in from the button. I would have lost the hand if I called.

Then in the BB with (T4), I had to fold to a raise. I never was at average in chips for last 2hours. I never got the run I needed.

I had fun because I qualified with Frequent Player Points (FPP). I made $151 with the eye on First Place money...sooner or later. But I bested 29000 others, finishing 127th!"

Nice job K9! That is a heck of a run! - Faldo

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