Sunday, September 12, 2010

NFL = National Fixed League

They obviously make rules up as they go along. A comeback win by the Lions is not in the scheme or script for the NFL this year, obviously.

Let me be clear here. I did not have a bet on the Detroit Lions / Chicago Bears game. Even if I had bet the Lions, I would have won as they were getting 6 points in the spread.

I am a Lions fan by birth. But they have been losing for 55 years (my entire life span), so just another loss – even a heartbreaker – would have rolled off of my back.

But the travesty that unfolded Sunday and the last minute touchdown by the Lions that was taken away – was a pure criminal act. Its worse than Franco Harris and that fake "Immaculate Reception". Ever notice you never see the wide angle of that 'catch'? It's because it was not. The nose of the football was on the ground. The referee asked how many policemen were around to get him to the locker room, and he was told "one". He signaled, "Touchdown"!

Now they will dress it up, make excuses – and EXACTLY as they have done in the past – and claim on Monday that the call was correct. Then, eight to ten weeks later, or after the playoff teams scripted to make the post season are on their way, they will say that indeed the Lions were done wronged.

A runner falling forward with a ball coming loose as he “breaks the plane”, but before he is actually tackled is a touchdown? But a man who catches a ball with two hands, takes two steps, lands on his butt, then rolls over and places the ball in the end zone – is called a dropped pass????????

The calls being made in professional (and college, for that matter) sports today are nothing short of a complete joke. How fans put their hard earned money down to watch these obviously fixed sporting events eludes me. I don’t do it – and have not for over 20 years.

That call on Sunday is exactly why.

As a fan – and as an ex-jock and a competitor - the real issue I cannot tolerate is the complete acceptance of the rip-off by the players, coaches and as you will see – the management. It’s all about the money.

Why the receiver was not in the referee’s face is beyond me. Why the Lion’s coaches did not hold the defense off the field in protest for the final snap is beyond me.

Why the Lions coaching staff, to a man – did not hound the referees all the way to the locker room - proves it is all about the money. Their feeling is – “Well, shows over for this week. What five-star restaurant is our reservation at?”

I hate losing. But I despise being cheated by total incompetence – or worse as in this case – manipulation. The fact that the team I root for - rolls over and presents its sphincter like Obama on the world stage, disgusts me to an even greater degree.

If they won’t fight for themselves, why am I watching? If sports are going to be scripted like our evening news, why am I watching?

Well, I’m not anymore. I stopped buying. Now I stop watching. – Faldo


Anonymous said...

call a whambulance>>>>>..wha wha I bet your a Michigan man too...The rule sucks he put the ball on the ground and it came out....its a river card for GOD'S sake....browns and lions super bowl wannabees I am from freaking Cleveland...I live with Erest Byner tried to commit sucide in the locker room but he drop the gun...The drive I was there...I bitched but it's bfootball...The Lions isn't football....

Nik Faldo said...

Ouch Anonymous. I don't have a gripe with your retort, but sign your name with something.

I am not crying so much about the rotten, retarded, idiotic and cheating call that went against a team that will go nowhere, and in favor of a team that will be at nowhere + 1 win.

I am upset that the players care far less than the fans. How you can get cheated so blatantly and simply walk off with a shrug is just criminal to me.

These guys might as well be playing Cornhole in the backyard at a family picnic with their kids, for all the emotion they show after a tough loss.

I'm just sayin' - at least pretend you give a shit about winning.

Fourputt said...

The call was valid. There was not control during the entire process.

It hurt since I am a lions fan.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

fourputt has never played football. Unless you count the three years he played for the Ferndale women's school for the blind. He was their 4th highest scorer one year. And they gave him the ball on every play.

Hmmm. Only the 4th highest scorer?


mr nicky said...

I'm not a Lions fan, but I'll become one if we can start a fan union and boycott some games. The last game I went to was in 2007. My neighbor had two $62 tickets and couldn't sell them, so I got a freebie.
I vividly remember a dog being $5.50
I think a dog, chips, and pepsi was like $11.50
Why not just burn your money.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, Lovey Smith is on the hot seat, he loses to the Lions he gets fired, he's black nuff said