Sunday, September 26, 2010

Faldo Wins a Full Tilt 90 Player SNG

Faldo has migrated to these SNG's as the 500 to 10000 player tourney cashes are just too long in coming. (twhs)

The big tourney cashes are great - when they happen - but Faldo likes to replenish the backroll a little more often.

I will still play in the "big ones" but they will consist of maybe 20% of my tourney entries - with one table and multi-table SNG's splitting the other 80% of my tournament action.

On to the action on how Faldo won:

I got to the final table in 6th place in chips and the entire table sat out - except me. I noticed it after an hour and then slowly won all the blinds. After all, just because there was no seated players, doesn't mean you raise with (72) UTG.

The key to winning a tournament (which I finally understand) is to WIN THE COIN FLIPS!!!! I won virtually every AK vs PP face off, no matter which side of the coin I had.

Tourneys are a gamble. Being a good player only increases the chance that you might catch lightening in a bottle, or Lady Luck, or a hot streak, or being a 'luck box', or whatever else you want to call it.

But to win a tourney, you still have to catch the breaks. - Faldo

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Robert Smith said...

Congrats! Nice win.