Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Community Card Review – IX

PS: For all of you in Ann Arbor: All those people you see in this picture - ARE DEAD - and died a horrible death. FYI.

How did this nation go from a steel resolve to destroy the people who killed over 3,000 Americans – where even the limp-wrist Democrats voted in favor of the invasion of Iraq – twice, to a nation that wants to build a mosque at the exact place where the massacre occurred? The answer is - liberals and Democrats.

My response to building the mosque at ground zero is this – go ahead and build it. There were two buildings there once before, and they got destroyed with alot of people in them. So, - go ahead. Build it, and fill it up! Please!!!!

The greatest crime perpetrated on our country was not the 9/11 attack – that even Osama Bin Laden said was thought up because of Democrat weakness.

The greatest crime on our country was not the union laws and tax laws written by Democrats that destroyed our economy.

The greatest crime committed on our country was not even the ignoring of our borders, Constitution and the push for “diversity” - instead of Americanism - that Democrats push relentlessly.

The greatest crime against our nation is not even the total socialist propaganda take over of our news and media outlets by Democrat operatives who broadcast and print thru a communist filter.

The greatest crime is the destruction of the education system of our children. Joe Stalin said, “Give me your children, and I will get your country.” The Communist – Democrats have done just that. Our children – from age 5 to 35 – are brainwashed with socialism, and have no concept of the sacrifices made for them by past generations, or what made their nation great.

How did this nation go from the most revered and feared nation in the world, to a European-like satellite socialist state, who can’t and won’t stick up for itself – or the weak countries getting picked on by dictators, bullies and fascists?

How did we go from uniting to fight for our country, our lives and our way of life, to electing an inexperienced muslim, leftist, narcissist, who hates this country and has a middle name of Hussein?

If any of you even think to reflect on this day – and what really happened and why (media outlets who show shootings every day, won’t show you the real videos of 9/11 because they don’t want you to be knowledgeable – and want to fight back) – be sure to acknowledge how the Democrats have left us in the same spot we were before that day. Talking and acting weak, retreating from the fight for our freedom and “hoping” the bully won’t bother us – and “change” his ways because we are bending over and grabbing our ankles.

But also reflect on how YOU – or your NEIGHBOR – voted for this destruction of our nation by voting Democrat.

As I already proved, it may not be your fault due to the brainwashing you received in our leftist education system. But from the election of Obama going forward, any Democrat voter is a traitor. Pure and simple.

The debate - and the talking - is over on this point.

If it sounds like I am still angry about 9/11 - that would be a huge understatement. And as far as vaquishing Democrats from our government - LET"S ROLL!!!– Nik Faldo


Bigbrimar said...

All I can say is...WOW, so true!!

Nik Faldo said...

All I can see when a liberal and a muslin say - we are building a mosque at ground zero is.......

A Tennessee redneck, or a Cajun, or a Texas farmer, or a Montana mountain man, or a Michigan Upper peninsula man - with a mouthfull of tobacco - shaking his head slightly and sayin,

"You all aren't too bright,are ya? But (spit), go ahead and build it, son. You build it...nice and pretty."

Back when the United States had real men who loved freedom and this country, that would have been the response.

Anonymous said...

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