Sunday, June 03, 2007

4Putt Golf Open Cancelled

Well, maybe next year.

The Wall retired from poker and did not want to be tempted at the Soaring Eagle Casino.

Beerhog was the replacement, but with 3 golf trips already planned, he decided to stay married and not fill in.

Thai Food was thinking about it, but he don't like chasing the little white ball for free - let alone pay for it and spend five hours of good poker table time on the course.

I of course got my annual golf trip injury extra early as I severely sprained my ankle in a golf cart incident. Mental note: Keep feet in cart when driving next to brick pavers that will twist your foot 180 degrees from the direction the knee is pointing.

4Putt himself wants to go but the demands of his job are monsterous right now.

Herbavor did not respond to my email as to his status.

Anyway, I got the reservations cancelled and we will try again next year or maybe a fall weekend trip.


Anonymous said...

sounds like an open weekend for a poker game?????


Anonymous said...

My Saturday night is open.

We can a trip to Motor City or Brighton.


Nik Faldo said...

Beerhog, maybe we can golf Friday somewhere with 4Putt. I can limp around and I have a good excuse to get 2 strokes a hole from you on the betting.

Anonymous said...

i can play friday. give me a call. it might rain. lets play at the jackal. they have a new SUPER HOT cart girl.