Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Momo Wins NPP Internet #25

Eight players made the game - which pushed our average player per game to 7.0!
Nice job guys and gal!

Hand #10 saw Boother get crippled in the first of many 2nd best hands he saw this night. He ran into Nahanni's full house.

Boother (8th) went out on hand #27 as his K8s ran into Momo's KK.

On hand #36, Momo cripples Duder with a full house on the same hand Duder hits the flush. That is painful when that happens.

Duder (7th) goes out when his short stack bets it all with a pair of aces but finds Sev4T7 has a flush.

Artic Blast (6th) is short-stacked on hand #59 and goes all in with AQ and is called by Nahanni's J8 with a flop of [JJ9].

The break comes after 66 hands of play with the stacks looking like this:
Nahanni 5400, Momo 2600, NikFaldo 1700, Sev4T7 1200 and Rownder 1200.

On hand #74 Rownder survives an all-in with JT against the A5 of Momo when the flop comes [JXX] and a J on the turn.

Hand #76 saw an unusual three-handed all-in as Sev4T7 (5th) went all-in with TT. Both a short stacked Rownder and the big stack Nahanni called. They checked down a scary board. Rownder had AK and Nahanni QJ. The flop served up a Q but no straight and 747 was out.

Hand #90 finally ended Rownder's (4th) comeback bid as his KQ did not improve against Momo's 22.

I (3rd) was now the short stack and on hand #92 my A3 lost to Momo's KJ as a flop of [T98] caught a 7 on the turn, for a straight for Momo.

Nahanni and Momo were very close in chips at this point. The winner would be winning their 3rd NPP title of the year!

They battled and Momo was taking a bit of a chip lead. But Nahanni hit a flush to take the lead temporarily.

A crucial hand developed when both bet and called on a board that grew to look like this: [QQ8] [J] [3]
Momo goes all-in with Q3s for a full house and is called by Nahanni with 43s - who said she put Momo on AK the whole hand.

This gave Momo a 9000 to 3000 chip advantage.

Nahanni (2nd) went all-in with 33 and was called by Momo's A7s. The flop had a 7 and no improvement came for Nahanni. Cogratulations for the 3rd win on the year for Momo.

1st - Momo
2nd - Nahanni
3rd - Nik Faldo
4th - Rownder
5th - Sev4TSev
6th - Artic Blast
7th - Duder
8th - Boother

Overall Standings
1 - Nik Faldo - 113 / 5.1
2 - Boother - 104 / 4.7
3 - Rownder - 79 / 4.6
4 - Sev4TSev - 71 / 5.1
5 - Matchy - 66 / 3.3
6 - Beerhog - 50 / 4.5
7 - Momo - 42 / 3.5
8 - Nahanni - 28 / 4.7
9 - Cigar4John - 28 / 3.5
10 - BonA1r - 28 / 3.5
11- Artic Blast - 17 / 1.0
12- Hlam14 - 14 / 2.8
13- 1stout - 3 / 1.5
14- Duder - 1 / .3
15- Davethedog - 1 / .5
16- SpartyTojo - 1 / .5
17- Bronco76 - 1 / 1.0

Remember the tourneys will start at 8pm from now on! And recruit players please!


Jennifer said...

please explain the overall standing numbers

Nik Faldo said...

Hi Jennifer. The first number is the total number of points earned this year.

You get 10 for a 1st.
7 for a 2nd.
5 for a 3rd.
3 for a 4th.
1 for a 5th.

The second number is the average number of points scored per start.

Some have not played in as many tourneys as others, so it is another way of looking at the standings.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Nik...or Mike....or whatever your name is. (I'm so confused).

big changes to this website. is that by choice, or did the Blog site do this for you? I'm adjusting to it...sometimes I don't adapt well to change. anyhow, the calendar thing for the poker tourney no longer indicates password...I am assuming it is the same as before, right?

Fourputt said...


Click on a calendar event and the password will be in the event description. That is when Nik emails it to me.

See ya at the felt for next Tuesday's tourney!

Nik Faldo said...

There are no calendar events 4Putt!

The time for the July 3 game is 8pm.

Fourputt said...

Earth to stupid guy,

Look at the month of July for the events.

Nik Faldo said...

pw = 5ofclubs

Recruit some players!

Anonymous said...

NPP Newsflash - Our league decided last night that we will be golfing Fri. July 6th. Hopefully You guys can make it, 5 pm @ coyote. Nik if you can bring the chips. Let me know here or at mikemach32@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...


cant make it. maybe next week..