Thursday, April 26, 2007

NPP Internet Tournament League Standings

Here is the standings after 16 tourneys guys:
Place, Name, Points, (Tournaments missed), [Ave/Tour. played].

1st - Boother - 80 (2) [5.7]
2nd - Nik Faldo - 65 (2) [4.6]
3rd - Matchy - 58 (1) [3.9]
4th - Rownder - 52 (5) [4.7]
5th - Sev4TSev - 37 (11) [7.4]
6th - Momo - 32 (7) [3.6]
7th - Cigar4John - 28 (9) [4.0]
8th - Beerhog - 24 (last 11) [4.8]
9th - BonA1r - 13 (first 10 - 11 total) [3.3]
10th - ArticBlast - 12 (7) [1.3]
11th - Hlam14 - 10 (14) [5]
12th - DavetheDog - 1 (14) [.5]
13th - SpartyTojo - 1 (14) [.5]
14th - Bronco76 - 1 (15) [1]

The main ingredient to earning points - is to play!


Anonymous said...

I gotta give 747 credit, he misses alot but means business when he shows up!

Nik Faldo said...

I don't want to give alot of creedence to the 'averages'. I want players at the game!
This tourney night would really be rolling if:
Tolly was available for PS
Thai Food had fixed his PS issue
Beerhog had not quit playing on-line
Hlam14 was not sick of PS
Sev4TSev made every game
4Putt had kept playing in the tournament he demanded and created.
Cigar4John would be consistent.
Or the rest of you would recruit!

We could of had a 10 to 18 person tourney every week - only IF! Then points would be scarce and the race would stay tight for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

I beleive I have recruited one of the owners of my company for next Tues. Hopefully we will see duder1123 on the electronic felt.

Also come on Hog! It's only 5 bucks. It costs more than that for a "bad beat" in the booth of an 8 mile adult book store!


tolly said...

I don't know about that Tolly Comment by Faldo, Matchy can you help me interpret that. Is tolly aka elrushbo out of the doghouse.......... woof woof
7FORTY7 Is watching AMERICAN IDOL WITH THE MRS on Tuesdays

tolly said...

as far as recruiting goes I have a few Barts lined up to play just say the word

NPP player update said...

NPP player tolly took the hosts advice and started keeping track of his SNGS so after twenty 10$ +1 for the site sngs nl hold em here are results, remember top 3 places paid in a 9 player sng
1st place- 7
2nd place- 4
3rd place - 5

Just missed in 4th place- 2
with one 5th and one 6th
Not Too shabby for an NPP HACK..

not too much written on here and I know player updates are always