Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Momo Wins NPP Internet #16

Seven players made it – which is over average (six is slightly under average).

I was soon low man as I hit two hands that lost right off the bat. That sent me steaming early. The tip off is that I didn't record those hands or the ones soon after. Not tilting, but definitely steaming already. Not good.

Hand #30 Rownder took a good lump of Momo’s chips without a showdown.

Hand #35 BonAir took a good lump of Matchy’s chips without a showdown.

Hand #36 ArticBlast hurt Momo by taking more chips without a showdown.

Hand #37 I took a good lump of Boother’s chips without a showdown.

Hand #38 I hurt Boother by taking more chips without a showdown.

Hand #42 Boother (7th) went out with AK when Rownder’s 55 held up.

Hand #44 Momo went all in with JJ and got called by Rownder’s AK and Momo’s hand held up.

Hand #47 Momo hurt Rownder by taking more chips without a showdown.

Hand #55 Matchy got hurt by Momo as he re-raised Matchy and the hand ended.

Hand #56 Matchy (AJ) took some of Rownder’s (KT) chips.

Hand #60 Rownder (65) hurt Matchy’s (AT) stack when a 5 hit on the river.

A record six players made the break and the chips looked like this:
Momo 3.7K, NikFaldo 2.9K, ArticBlast 2.2K, BonAir .9K, Rownder .4K, and Matchy .3K

Hand #64 Rownder’s (6th) A9s knocked him out when they lost to Momo’s 22.

Hand #65 ArticBlast and I call a short stacked Matchy’s all-in with a flop of 943. Matchy (5th) has A9. I had 65 and we never saw ArticBlast’s hand as I raised some chips when my lucky 7 fell on the river for my straight.

Play went on for a while and action started again on hand #88. Short-stacked BonAir (4th) goes all-in with 33 and is called by Momo’s AQ, and an A fell on the flop.

Hand #96 ArticBlast (3rd) went all-in with T9 when a 9 fell on the flop. Momo called with J9 and the hand improved for Momo with a J on the turn.

Hand #101 was the end for me, Nik Faldo (2nd). I had QdQs and re-raised a couple times the blind and Momo called. He had me out-chipped around 2 to 1.

The flop came 6s Ks Jh. A bad flop for me. Momo bet and I raised to see where I was at. I found out as Momo called. I am sure he has a K but I am just about pot committed.

I am quite sure I played this hand incorrectly. Not because I lost, but I should of folded to the bet or went all-in at this point.

The turn was a harmless 3c, ending my backdoor flush draw. Momo checks and I do too. I know I need a Q. The river was the 5s. Momo checks and I decide to bluff the flush and hope Momo believes me. He doesn’t and may have been forced to call anyway as he has K5 and made two pair on the river. If he had me on AK, he has to know he’s got me now. Great job Momo!

1st - Momo
2nd - Nik Faldo
3rd - Artic Blast
4th - BonAir
5th - Matchy
6th - Rownder
7th - Boother


Anonymous said...

I am still kicking myself about hand #35 where Bonair took my chips w/o a showdown, I am thinking I should have went all in but I pussed out. I had pocket J's on the button and Bonair raised into me 3x big blind pre flop. I called and the turn was was 2 low cards and a queen. Bonair bet big again and I was left thinking all I could beat was AK. I know Bonair is capable of a bluff, but his pre flop bet won those chips for him! Since we are talking poker more on here now, what do you guys think is the right play in this situation?
Also congrats to Arcticblatz for his first finish in the $$$!

Nik Faldo said...

You both played the hand correctly, in my opinion. Your choice was to go all in pre-flop if you thought you were best or play the hand as you did.

BTW, I am still kicking myself because I love this game!

tolly said...

flop was q low low? you had jj and folded to his bet? hmmm I want some of that action....

are all these guys your buddies matchy, I dont recogognize NPP anymore.

It was nice seeing you on Sunday Matchy, You know I got an e-mail from Michelle down the street from you about softball and I noticed your wife was on the e-mail, did she play last year. did you know that I subbed in the playoffs for them last year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tolly - good to see you too! I know I should have had some balls and called but I also know Bonair, and I was not running too good tues nite. Yes my wife played all last year, I would too but I have fri night golf. Basically I suck at golf instead of softball on Fri. nights. I just talked to Kat and she remembers you, she says hi. If I have a home game in the future you are invited. Does Sean play cards? If not, then he is invited too!

tolly said...

Yeah Sean plays but not much, he almost came to NPP once with me but cancelled day of game, You know there is a big money game in Lyon Trail sub, the one rt next to you. they play a buy in tourney 50.00 then they play NL ring buy in 100.00. too out of control for me though....

Im a big fan of dealers choice, I like variety just like my beer..

incidently Mike and dave I found a new belgium beer I really like, DUVEL beer, comes in a bottle just like the CHIMAY

Anonymous said...

I like variety in my beer too, last week I had Genesee Cream Ale that I imported from Cleveland. The week before I had a 40 of Mickey's, then a 40 of PBR.
I would be down with their $50 tourney, I think I played in it once when they held it in my sub.