Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Boother Wins NPP Internet #14

Six of us had enough $ left after Tax Day to have a seat at the virtual NPP felt.
Boother came from near totally dead to first! A great run of cards and expert playing.

The play has really tightened up. When you play in these, settle in for the long haul. We did not have a casualty until hand #72.

Boother had started his comeback at this point after taking some chips off Matchy. But it was Momo's (6th) AK that got bad beat by Boother's AT, with a T on the river, that really lit the fire in Boother's stack.

From that lucky river, Boother played perfect poker to wrestle the chip lead away and then grow the stack.

On hand #80, ArticBlast (5th) goes all-in on the flop with 88. There is an A in the flop and Boother has one. An A on the river was the final nail in Artic's night.

On hand #86, both BonA1r (4th) and I are low in chips. I decide to call BonAir's all-in after a flop of 765. I decide he is on a straight draw, so my KQs might be enough. Besides, I have a back door flush chance and both of us need to gamble.

I was half right as BonA1r has 88. Ouch. But it was more painful for BonA1r as I got a K on the turn and the straight or another 8 didnot come.

This made Matchy (3rd) low chip man and on hand #89 he goes all-in with A7 against Boother's AT. No help for Matchy and we are heads up. Nik Faldo (3100 chips) vs Boother (5900).

At hand #100, it almost ended. Boother has been grinding me down and I only have around 2000 left. I have QQ and make the standard raise, hoping for action that comes. Boother calls and we see a flop of 478. I should be good here and go all in. When Boother calls I expect to see AK or 88, and am thrilled to see J8s.

The turn is a J! Well, it was good night for me, but a 7 hit the river, giving me the larger two pair and pulling the chip totals to as close as they were going to ever get.

For the next 60 hands, Boother does his ground and pound. I'm fighting back on occasion, but just can never get a hand, a flop or action at the right time to really play back. I need cards to win. Boother does not.

Finally, ground down by Boother's chronic raising and my usual run of Poker Stars sewer water, I (2nd) go all-in with 86 and run into Boother's monster 92, and Boother wins his 4th NPP Internet tourney of the year (which happens to be exactly 4 more than the host).

1st - Boother
2nd - Nik Faldo
3rd - Matchy
4th - BonA1r
5th - Artic Blast
6th - Momo

Good luck to all as the golf leagues start. Watch for 4Putt. He may be a beer bitch at your local course now since he was obviously neutered over the winter.

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