Wednesday, April 11, 2007

NPP April Game Is Cancelled!!!

Sorry guys. Just not enough to make the game a go. I will ask for dates in May later on this month. - Nik Faldo

Beerhog - tell Gridlock it is off.


Anonymous said...


White Lake is still on!!!


Anonymous said...

If we can't go to euchre I may hit up white lake to help stock the pond with fish. I'll let both of you know.

Anonymous said...

Q: What did the blind man say as he was walking past the fish store?

A: Hi girls!!!

Anonymous said...

Since it seems like oldies but goodies nite, what is the difference between pussy and parsley?

You don't eat parsley.

Anonymous said...

Nik & Boother I am unfortunately out for White Lake. Long story short my wife got me locked in to the neighborhood game tonight.

TOLLY said...

I hear that scrap booking is big in your hood, sean told me

Anonymous said...

That's right Tolly the neighborhood "game" is not cards, it is cropping. Tonight I will be working on my figure skating weekend with the girls scrapbook! Plus we have a bunch of lifetime movies Tivo'd and ready to go. Now I just gotta mix me a wine spritzer...

Fourputt said...

Oh I just think those lifetime movies are adorable. I usually do some knitting while I watch.

Anonymous said...

NPP alumnus Tolly has been doing quite well on Absolute poker

I will give you the big win

AP offers 200 ARP pts Omaha hi lo tourney qualifier and for every 10 entrants 1 qualifies for that evenings 1.5K guaranteed Omaha hi lo which has an entry fee of 20$ if you just want to get in. well in the qualifier I bested 38 players to qualify in final 3 than in the big one 101 players started and I ended up 1st with a prize of $557.00. I entered final table last in chips but I quickly tripled up when I was dealt AA56 and went all in had 2 callers flop was 234dia so I flopped nut str and low but was worried of dia, no prs came they both checked it down and I took it down. Greta victory for NPP.

I also started keeping track of my SNGS lately and in the six 10$ SNGs I have gotten into my order of finishes have been 1st,1st,1st,3rd,3rd,1st, thats 66$ in entry fees and $216 in winnings.

hats off to NPP for the training