Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No NPP Internet Game Tonight

Sorry guys!
I could never get it right and I forgot to get something posted in time.
Next week for sure.
Nik Faldo


Nik Faldo said...

Again I want to apologize for not getting the tournament together on time. I kept waiting for Poker Stars to issue an update, and time got away from me.

Work has been a killer all of a sudden, with very long hours and last minute trips out of town. Ohio today and tomorrow and Indiana on Friday.

The April 10 game is already posted.

Anonymous said...

That's ok Nik, you are still the man. You guys are lucky it didn't happen as I have been on a roll as of late. I'm even kickin' ass in my NASCAR fantasy league!

Anonymous said...

There is a NASCAR fantasy league?


Anonymous said...

no problem nik. I was playing in a hi/lo tourney while looking for the NPP game of the week. I won my seat eariler in the day and advanced to main tourney with a top 3 placement. So as I played on it got later and later, I soon found out there was no tourney of the week. :( But I was still alive in my hi/lo tourney. I was short stacked (around 2100 chips vs. 4500 to 120,000 for the top dog) and 10 people left. Top 9 get paid. I was sweating it, trying to find a good hand to double up and make the final table. Tolly was on the phone with me while I played and watched/helped as the action unfolded. I ended up making the final table. I took 5th place and a nice prize home with me. I was bummed there was no NPP tourney, but all was not lost as I did well for the NPP name. I look forward to next week guys and good luck on the tables. 747

Anonymous said...

As a penalty I believe HORSE should be banned for a minimum of 3 years!!!


Anonymous said...

Yep, fantasy nascar w/ salary caps, etc., 21 guys in my league. Nowadays it is not uncommon for me turn turn off the Lions in the fall, and turn on the good 'ol boys going fast and making left turns! I actually did not appreciate NASCAR until I had money riding on it. Like Homer Simpson said, gambling takes a good thing, and makes it better!

Fourputt said...

Darn, I was all set to play (and win!)