Sunday, September 11, 2016

With a Change of Political Parties at the Top, the USA Can Return to the Top

We are still the best country, but .....somehow......the citizens of this country used the excuse of proving color - blindness to elect an enemy of the Constitution to the highest office in the land.

Not a peep from any Democrat about the dismantling of our country and very little resistance by the Republicans.

Now the Democrats are running a treasonous crook and liar for President - 1st term - and her rapist husband for a third term. Not a peep from any Democrat and attacks by top Republicans only hitting the Republican nominee for President. Not a peep by top Republicans aimed at the real enemy of the Constitution of the United States - the entire Democrat Party.

As we remember the attack to our country 15 years ago, remember which party backs a President openly ignoring the laws of this country on immigration. Remember which party backs a nominee for president that sells USA favors from her office for profit, places national security secrets on an illegal email server, lies to the faces of the American people, lies to the FBI and Congress - and is still walking the streets as a candidate for our land's highest office.

If you vote Democrat - your are either a completely lazy and ignorant person who will not look at facts, a mentally ill person who is delusional and cannot see or understand facts, or a traitor to the United States of America. And that is a fact.

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