Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The United States of America - Presumed Dead in 2011 - Declared Dead in 2016

Its official - The United States of America and the Constitution that beat in it's chest, was officially declared dead July 5th, 2016.

Although thought to be dead in November 2011 after the re-election of the anti-American communist Barack Hussein Obama, there were many who believed the USA was not dead, but merely in a coma it could not quite wake up from.

No such illusion exists now as now - as we accepted the fact that the USA's brain died in 2008, the heart has officially expired exactly one day after it's 240th birthday.

Let's go thru the health history of the United States:

Born with a strong will for individual independence and freedom, the USA had a strong and healthy heart called the Constitution.

Although the creators of this heart said at it's birth that it would only last 200 years, many scoffed at the idea that the best heart of a nation EVER created by man - written with the hand of GOD - could ever quit beating.

But as time goes on chronic ills, injuries, germs, bacteria, viruses and cancers - also known as Democrats and liberals - constantly attack a healthy body until it dies of communism and fascism.

The onset of the United States first sickness was the Cholera Epidemic in 1920 - also known as the passing of the 19th Amendment. This gave women the right to vote and granting the Democrats a majority voting block for the rest of the country's life.

Even though some women rise above it, instinctively women want security over freedom. Democrats know this and use it every chance they get. Democrats know if you promise - just promise - to give women and their children things - they will vote for you.

Our nation has had diarrhea of the mouth (gimmie, gimmie, gimme) ever since.

This diarrhea weakened the USA for the next disease called the New Deal in 1932 by the Democrat FDR. This included government socializing many businesses and handing out a retirement benefit known as Social Security. Now even though it was a Democratic scheme to collect more taxes since it was thought at the time not very many would live long to collect, this Polio crippled our nation's desire for work. After all, you had a pot of government gold waiting for you when you 'retired'.

The USA stayed strong for a while because world wars kept Democrats from being able to destroy from within. So they patiently waited - even murdering one of their own (Kennedy) - so they could bring in the Small Pox of LBJ's New Society of 1964. The women diarrhea carriers welcomed the welfare with open arms! (Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie).

The Democrats then caused the loss of the Vietnam War in 1975, giving the USA malaria.

The election of Jimmie Carter in 1976 gave the USA Ebola on top of that! But the USA fought back with the antibiotics, vaccines and sulfa of Ronald Reagan in 1980 to regain it's strength - temporarily.

The USA suffered a heart attack in September 2001and never fully recovered.

Oh, it got on the mend somewhat, even out of the ER for a while. But the tiger that was the USA was now shown to the world to be made of paper - and much thinner paper than an emergency room hospital gown cotton.

AIDS attacked the USA in 2008 with the election of a president with a terrorist's name. This 'diversity' was supposed to heal all wounds and cure all diseases, but all it did was make the USA weaker and susceptible to every disease a Democrat could infect a county with.

The old aspirin and penicillin called Republicans never even left the medicine cabinet. Matter of fact, they became an influenza to assist in drowning of the USA in a painful pneumonia.

The worse forms of every cancer - at a Stage 4 level - attacked the USA in 2012 as Barrack Hussein Obama stole a second term after torturing the USA and its Constitution non stop for four years. Democrats other places had also done that for four years, but a majority were cured by some Republican radiation.

But the relief was short-lived as this radiation seemed to develop an extremely short half-life and disappeared from the body without a trace - very shortly after being injected.

This allowed this cancer concoction known as Democrat Party to take over the USA mind and body completely. The soul, body, mind and heart of the United States of America is now dead. Completely dead.

Death was confirmed today as Hillary Clinton was found to be guilty of treason, but will be allowed to be the next president of a rotting corpse. Democrats love rot. Their power comes from the decay they create.

Faldo will drink heavily at the wake of his country. Now Faldo knows how the regular German citizens felt during the rise of Adolf Hitler. They knew it was the beginning of the end, but were powerless to stop it.

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