Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Faldo Wins for the 2nd Time in 2016

Hey.....who took this unauthorized picture of Faldo using his camera?
Is there a full moon out tonight or something? Uh........yes there was!

Something was going on as Faldo got some hot... HOT cards tonight, allowing him to build a big chip lead in the middle of the tournament and hold on for the victory over a field of 13 players.

2nd - LittleRedElf
3rd - Tomservo2
4th - GMOgolf
Bubble -  KingBing420

The bubble means that you finish JUST out of the points earned in the NPP race.

That is usually where Faldo ends up too.

And now a classic "Little Johnnie" story:

Little Johnnie is at the playground with his mom when he sees his Daddy's car passing the playground and going into a nearby woods.

Curious, Johnnie heads into the woods to follow the car. He sees Daddy and his Aunt Jane in a passionate hug. He watches for a while as Daddy and Aunt Jane get out of the car and lay in the secluded grassy area.

Little Johnnie can't wait to share what he saw with his Mother and he sprints back to the playground.

"Mommy, Mommy - I was in the woods and I saw Daddy's car and it was Daddy and ........"

His Mother cuts him off and tells him to slow down and tell her the whole story slowly.

So Johnnie explains how he saw Daddy and Aunt Jane in the woods kissing. Then he saw Daddy helping Aunt Jane off with her shirt. And then Aunt Jane helped Daddy off with his pants. And then Aunt Jane and Daddy laid down on the grass and ......

His mother cut him off again and said, "Johnnie, this is such an interesting story, suppose you save it and you can tell me the rest of of it - but from the beginning - at dinnertime. I want your Dad to hear it too, ok?"

At the dinner table, with his Mother's permission, Johnnie starts and tells the same story about his Dad driving into the woods with Aunt Jane, the kissing, the undressing, the laying down on the grass.....and then he continued...

"Then Daddy and Aunt Jane started doing what you and Uncle Bill did when Daddy was away on that long hunting trip last year."

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