Friday, July 15, 2016

If You Vote Democrat - You Are To Blame for Everything. Period.

The truth hurts.

Liberalism is responsible for every problem in this country - Period.

Every cesspool in this nation is Democrat controlled - be it a city or our school system.

Nearly every Democrat politician is a crook, traitor or a racist - or all three.

Every terrorist attack is the fault of a Democrat voter - who elected weak, politically correct, or cowardly politicians - or a Muslim sympathizer - like Barrack Insane Obama.

Every police killing and cop killing is the fault of the Democrat Party. They have destroyed the Americans Who Happen to be Black family and their belief in the American Dream, simply for political power. The Democrat Part is the new plantation - who have the AWHB poor and helpless without government handouts. It was done on purpose.

The Democrat Party has destroyed our education system, who now teach our children communist mantra instead of the 3R's - and our children are now dumber than dirt compared to children in the rest of the world.

Our children have been taught at your neighborhood school to hate their country, their race in the case of White kids, to feel helpless in the case of Black kids, and to embrace your culture from other countries in the case of immigrant children - legal or illegal.

Democrats have flooded our nation with illegal aliens. Why? There is only one reason for this, based on the truth listed above. It is to undermine our American capitalist system, our Constitution and to bury this nation in people needing government assistance - and therefore Democrat voters - legal or not. For that matter - alive or not.

The Democrats have a liar, crook, communist, racist, narcissist, traitor and Muslim sympathizer in the White House now.

Their replacement is a liar, crook, communist, narcissist, traitor and weak re-tread, who has more scandals behind her than any politician in history.

The Republican Party has seen the writing on the wall and are acting like the chicken that wants to be the last one eaten by the wolf - instead of challenging the wolf.

We have one candidate that is talking like he will fight the wolf. Faldo does not see it happening. Even if elected - Trump will find the same situation Jesse Ventura discovered when he won a governorship as an independent. BOTH parties were against him and he could not get any meaning repairs done.

History repeats itself.

This article was not a call to vote for Trump - although Faldo will.

It is to state plainly that the blame for the fall of the United States of America and all the terror, killings, starvation and blight that will follow is the fault of every Democrat voter. Period.

Democrats are not to be tolerated any more than an armed, bomb-loaded terrorist. The only difference between the two is that one will kill you faster. In that respect, a terrorist is actually more merciful than a Democrat voter.


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