Saturday, October 22, 2011

Play a SNG With Faldo

My personal trainer said, "You were a bad Faldo!!! A very bad Faldo!"

I needed to write a poker article for the blog, but I also wanted to play some poker after doing a little (very little) yard work. I couldn’t do both. Or could I? These play chip SNG’s are loaded with good players. On to the action:

9 –player – 1500 chips - Blinds open at 5/10

3 min: I call with (KT) in early Position. I bet the flop, turn and river with a board of [6 K 4 8 2] and lose to the button with (K6). What??? Down to 1250 chips.

7 min: Called in the small blind with (AT) with six callers. Folded to bets when I missed the flop. 1185 chips.

20 min: Seven players left. 1060 chips.

22 min: Blinds at 15/30 – My (66) holds up and I win my first pot! 1415 chips.

25 min: Blinds 20/40 – I raise in middle position with (99) and got re-raised and called in three spots, so I folded. 1295 chips.

28 min: Six players left. 1180 chips.

35 min: Blinds at 30/60. I tried to eliminate the short-stack with (Ah 6h, but it backfired. 680 chips left.

45 min: All in with (44) and 600 chips, and ran into some rock’s (AA).

Finished 4th in the next SNG, and 2nd in the third!

I am down a third of a buy – in but I plan on getting that back, plus profit after the next SNG session - AFTER the session with my personal trainer that is.


Woody Stiffens said...

What kind of personal trainer is this person?

What is Faldo training for?

Also: those heels your trainer is wearing are the same as the ones BigBri wears on the golf course.

Bigbrimar said...

Woody "Fourputt" Stiffens

I only ware those heels when you show up to the course..have not worn them in three years.,Mr. Dishpan hands.

Anonymous said...

nice tits!!!

Bigbrimar said...