Sunday, October 02, 2011

Faldo Wins His 17th Internet Tourney - This Time on Rise Poker

Ana Hickman wanted Faldo to join her for an evening swim, but Faldo turned her down to play in this freeroll to win a seat in another tourney to possibly win a t-shirt.

Good thinking on my part because I ended up winning the 251 player tourney, the seat in the T-shirt Final on Tuesday Night AND an extra 1000 play chips. Good thinking eh?

I got card happy at the right time. A series of AK and AK-sooooooted held up against short stacks and one monster stack with QQ. hit the A on the flop and a K on the river to boot! I was in the coin flip zone and didn’t lose in four straight.

Then my AQ suited beat an AK with a Q on the river.

I got hurt when my KK lost to a decent stack with 77 that tripped on me. But I got him back with a QQ over JJ win later.

This is my first win in a 200+ player tourney since my 2008 win in a PokerStars freeroll with 10000 players in that one.

It was a nice way to start the October month.

Now I have to win the NPP Tuesday night SNG, keep score for the article – all while going t-shirt hunting on another site in another tournament.

Maybe that will impress Ana. She has not returned my calls or texts even after I left a message saying I won that tourney after not going for that swim.

Wonder why? I mentioned I would let her wear the t-shirt once in a while - if I win it.


Fourputt said...

I hope Ana will forgive Faldo.

Woody Stiffens said...

You have done your readers a disservice In not stating that Ana's firm, perky and untouched breasts are 100% REAL!

Nik Faldo said...

Faldo finished 73rd in the 521 player $200 Weekly Championship on Rise Poker.

Ok, I confess. It was a little more than a t-shirt I was playing for.

Maybe if Ana had been wearing a smaller bikini instead of the over-sized tent she was wearing, that might have made a difference.