Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Community Card Review - the 4th Estate is Bankrupt...and Corrupt

Something dangerous happened in secret, and no one is giving it a second thought. The Obama Administration took the life of an American citizen without the benefit of a trail. It’s not the first time this has happened (Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc.).

The military conducted a death strike on Anwar Al Awlaki, an American citizen. The White House had two lawyers draft up a 50 page brief explaining the ‘legal’ justification for killing Awlaki, and by this action they admit they knew they were crossing a line. Anwar Al Awlaki had been convicted of nothing.

The American people need to get an explanation from Obama and/or Eric Holder as to why Awlaki was targeted and killed, and the legal justification used for it. This brief needs to be published.

I am not saying it was wrong to carry out the strike, but the justification needs to be make public. Don’t you agree with that at least? What secret briefs will be written someday to whack....oh, I don't players?

When is the left wing media going to question the war time policies of King Obama?

They also need to ask why the wire taps the Obama complained about as a candidate were used to carry out this assassination.

The liberal press also needs to ask Pharaoh Obama why over 2000 terrorists have been killed by drones without due process. After all these are the questions they asked when Bush43 was in office.

They won’t ask and the de Fuhrer Obama won’t tell.

The media will save all these questions for when a Republican is in the White House.

The liberal “peace” demonstrators only appear with a Republican in the White House.

Is the liberal press ever going to ask the Obama Administration about Fast and Furious? It was the secret operation to sell American guns to Mexican drug lords and then blame the 2nd Amendment when the bodies of US and Mexican citizens started piling up.

The third part of the plan worked to perfection – a first for the Obama Administration. The bodies did begin piling up. Hundreds of Mexican citizens, some American citizens and a US Border Agent were killed and people are still dying by the use of these guns.

The second part of the plan is still being implemented as “tougher” gun laws are being enforced in the southwest states.

But even though the plot by the White House to openly attempt to grow a movement against the 2nd Amendment is now known, there is no attempt by the left wing media to actually do real journalism with a Democrat in the White House.

Is the left wing media going to ask why Dictator Obama is sending troops into Africa without consulting Congress? If you remember (and liberals won’t), Bush got overwhelming approval from a Democrat Congress to enter Iraq. And you still hear liberals caterwauling about that act of war.

Only you can change this by complaining to and then never watching anything but FOX News… and listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show. These are the only places left to get any semblance of the truth anymore. Pure and simple.

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Anonymous said...

What did Africa do to the USA?

Liberal blogs are up in arms about this.