Thursday, October 13, 2011


It, quite frankly, is the disgusting, embarrassing and treasonous thing that no one wants to admit is there. It is the family holiday dinner with a “funny uncle,” the always drunk cousin, slutty dressed aunt, multiple out of wedlock baby producing daughter, farting grandma or the lecherous grandpa.

But it is much MUCH worse than that. We just pretend it is only a slight embarrassment. It is actually more in line with an abusive mother to an infant, an incestuous father, a son who is a rapist, a daughter who murders for life insurance or a brother who robs and kills the elderly.

We all know it is there, but no one talks about it. We simply carry on like everything is normal. I speak of course about the managers, engineers and working professionals producing product in the automotive industry. We simply pretend the UAW is not “really” as bad as all that.

We actually take on the persona of the Chinese people. They have a saying; “Governments come and go, but the Chinese people endure.” Yes, that is how we look at it. The nation needs cars – and we build cars. And we do it with every road block possible placed in our way by the government, the UAW and the people running the company - who could not run a two-bicycle parade effectively. Car people simply endure so we can continue to do what we do.

Who is running two of the three auto companies? Socialists and communists appointed by the current government who push the Democrat/Communist agenda and hand money to the communist union. Who then donate it back to the Democrat Party. The union then tells their enslaved members how they “fought the tough fight against management” to protect them.

The fact is it is actually the same people negotiating with themselves! Wow, that’s some impressive lying.

Car professionals are then forced by their government captors to build cars no one wants, subsidized by the taxpayers and by the profits from the building of the cars people do want. This of course sucks up any company profit for investors, which explains the fall of the automotive stock price.

How is the stock supposed to go up when the people running the company openly state that “profit” is a bad thing and gas needs to be at $10 a gallon so people will be forced to buy cars the company actually loses money on??? The entire nation is poorer because of this.

The UAW runs the daily operations at the plant…until things really start going bad. Then they back out and tell management to “fix it – but we’ll tell you what you can change, and blame it all on you to the workers.” All the while the union bosses back-seat agitate and arm-chair quarterback the entire time. Top management (Democrats) meanwhile simply threaten the Car Professionals with their very livelihoods in order to keep this warped business model moving forward.

Car professionals work long hours sandwiched between a hostile management (Democrats/UAW), a hostile UAW workforce and an increasingly tough global market. Some day the car professionals will say “Enough!” (Look up “Who is John Gault?”) But that time is not yet here I guess. Our families need our pay checks. We simply try to look as humble and weak as we can as to not upset our masters in the UAW. The cancer in the company is simply tolerated by the car professionals as it stands right next to us.

The UAW meanwhile takes up big chunks of prime office space, filled with feather-bedded union cronies who have the job of looking tough, important and involved - with their feet up on the desks and conference tables. What they really do is interfere, antagonize, waste time and money, have different UAW slogan shirts printed – then they leave for a golf outing, a junket somewhere or just because they want to do something else with their day besides lounge around the plant and drink coffee.

UAW propaganda is distributed everywhere plant wide. No opposing opinion (actually called “the truth”) is allowed to be uttered, let alone printed, posted or distributed like the UAW propaganda is. No freedom of speech allowed unless it is union/Democrat speech. This is how dictatorships are formed.

What makes me smile to myself is this: If things remain as they are, I wonder if the union bosses have looked ahead to the day their goal is achieved, capitalism is dead and the government runs all businesses (this is called communism by the way). Have they given this any real thought?

What do they think the government will do to anyone interfering with their “business” once they have complete control? How will the government handle strikers, work stoppages or even the union sponsored protests on Wall Street or anywhere for that matter AFTER you useful idiots (another term you should google) help the Democrats achieve their goal?

Union supporter, you may want to consult a history book for the answer. Or google “Stalin’s purges” on the Internet. You will get the idea.

No charge to you for the education, Mr. or Ms. Comrade UAW Supporter.

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