Saturday, October 01, 2011

Arturo Fuente – The #2 Family of Cigars

Why? I don’t know. My experience has shown that the Arturo Fuente family of cigars has more taste and personality than the Macanudo. Again, no knock against either family, but I have found more flavor and distinct cigar tastes in the Arturo Fuente brands.

The Arturo Fuente website shows;

Fuente Grand Reserva – comes in 9 sized and in three different wrappers

Chateau Fuente – Cedar wrapped in 8 different sizes.

Fuente Box Pressed and Mini’s

Fuente Magnum R – Lighter and smoother cigar in 4 sizes

Don Carlos – Cedar wrapped and aged 10 years in a rich and dark Cameroon wrapper in 7 sizes.

Hemingway – A line of shaped cigars in 7 sizes.

Montesino – Aged 5 years in 8 different sizes. Smooth, creamy with a hint of a peppery finish.

Anejo – Aged 5 years in a cognac barrel and cedar wrapped in 6 sizes. A rich, spicy and slightly sweet taste.

Fuente Fuente OpusX – the very top of their line in 7 sizes.

Faldo has smoked the Grand Reserva, Cheatau Fuente, Don Carlos and the Montesino, preferring the Montesino a lot more. It was milder, but tastier at the same time.

One of the fringe benefits of researching for these article is I learn some things myself. I see I have to investigate the other fine cigars in the Arturo Fuente line - the Magnum R, the Anejo and the OpusX.

Who knows. I might just find another “must stock” cigar. Oh the pain and agony of testing all those cigars. But somebody has to do it.

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Fourputt said...

The Opus X is a real treat. They are a bit tough to find but worth the effort spent to do so.