Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Faldo El Puro (Cigar) Page – a New Addition to NPP

I love this painting and am considering purchasing it! To me it shows what cigars are all about. Too bad this picture is also a reminder of lost freedoms. But I digress.

My introduction to cigars started on the golf course. The guys were lighting them up primarily as something to do while waiting to tee off. Golf can be a slow day behind the wrong foursome.

I hated the cigars I was given! They were strong, bitter and made me nauseous and dizzy all at the same time. And my mouth felt like an ash tray for two days after smoking (trying to smoke) one. I never smoked anything before in my life, and I now knew why.

But since I had been the recipient of some cigars, I wanted to return the favor to the guys. So I headed to a cigar shop in Plymouth to buy a box in order to have some to pass out. I entered and grabbed a box that was one of the popular cigars the guys were smoking and headed to the cashier.

The gentleman stated that I took very little time picking my purchase and asked if that was my favorite, and if so, he had some others on sale like it that maybe I might like to try?

I kind of shocked him when I said, “Well, I don’t even like these. In fact I think they taste terrible”, and explained why I was purchasing them in the first place.

He laughed and said, “Well, they kind of started you off on the wrong foot with cigars. Those cigars are way too strong for a beginner.”

He reached behind him and grabbed two cigars with a yellow band on them and said, “Here, give these a try. If you like them come back and buy a box from me.” I said I would.

Off I went with my purchase and my two freebies. I was back less than a week later to buy a box of Licenciados. I loved them!

Going back to make my promised purchase, the gentleman gave me a crash course on cigars and their care. He talked me into a humidor to keep my cigars fresh. And of course I needed a proper lighter and cutter in order to enjoy my cigar. Oh, and some butane for the lighter. And a travel pouch to carry a couple cigars in, so they don’t get crushed before being smoked.

Now it was I being smoked - by a cigar seller! But the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, so what the heck. As usual, if Faldo is in for ounce, he is in for a ton! I don’t do anything half-speed (twss).

Armed with my new “hobby” I delved into researching cigars.

I needed to know why I liked the hard to find Licenciados and hated the popular brands. (PS: I don’t dislike those brands now. My palate has changed. But they are still not my favorites.)

I wanted to know why the humidor has to be kept a 70% humidity and not higher or lower.

Why do they come in so many different lengths, thicknesses and colors (twss)?

I now build my own humidors and make them for friends. Davethedog will vouch for their usefulness, quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

I will explain this and all the other knowledge I picked up (and continue to) in future puro posts.

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