Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Community Card Review - Clinton Dissed by Left, Country Dissed by Obama

The Clinton Law of “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” was repealed by the Democrat Congress and hailed as a great and historic civil rights moment.

Does that mean that Bill Clinton and his Administration were really bigots against gay men? Does Bill Clinton even realize how this repeal is a total slam on his presidency – by his own party?

Now openly gay individuals can serve in the military. Does this mean Hilary will finally get to join the Marines?

Didn’t Obama promise his loony left base that he was going to close Guantanamo Bay? He didn’t because he knows his voters are crazy and have no concept of the dangers to this nation in the world.

Remember the left’s insistence that we close the Guantanamo Bay prison because it was used as a recruiting tool by radical Muslims? Well what does the Left think will happen when the Muslims learn that their enemy can have sanctioned homosexual activity on a Middle East battlefield?

Think about this: The left – who’s base of whackos loathe the US military – are celebrating the fact that gays can now openly serve in the military. So if you hate US military but like a change to the US military - then by definition - that change must be extremely damaging to the military – correct?

If the old law was called “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell”, is the new law called “Show and Tell”?

And if straight men soldiers are now forced to shower with gay men soldiers, then women soldiers should have to shower with the straight men soldiers. After all, equal is equal and fair is fair. If sexual orientation means nothing, then let’s be consistent.

Oh, it is a real big stretch to guess that women might get special rules on this!

Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko” has been banned in Cuba. Why? Because the movie portrays the US healthcare system as terrible and communist Cuba’s Obamacare healthcare system as the best in the world.

Castro previewed the movie and banned it immediately because it would raise the expectations of his prisoners…sorry, citizens…to impossible expectations of good health care.

The truth is that the communist Cuban health care system is a shambles and Moore’s movie is a complete lie. But Michael Moore still wins awards from the entertainment left.

Everything the left says is a lie, and the best liars are rewarded. Usually with Nobel Peace Prizes.

Eric Holder of the Obama Administration not only shut down the internet poker in the United States, but used Obama’s Union Stimulus Slush fund to buy assault rifles and sell them to Mexican drug dealers.

One of the weapons sold by Holder/Obama was used by drug dealers to kill a US Border Agent.

Holder said the plan was to track the guns and follow the flow to the top guys.

Of course the lie is exposed as the FBI, ATF and the CIA publicly stated that they already had this information. Memos smuggled out of the Justice Department showed that the real plan was to make the “uncovered US assault rifles found in the hands of Mexican drug dealers” as a reason to push for tighter gun control and the elimination of the 2nd amendment.

Why is Holder not up in front of Congress explaining his actions, his reasons and his lies?

To cheer you up further, we had a budget deficit of $458 billion when Bush left office after eight years of over-spending. And the conservatives were furious and the left pretended they were.

The deficit after a little over two years of Obama is now $1.65 TRILLION! For those of you in Ann Arbor, this means the debt was tripled in 2 years under Obama and a Democrat Congress.

This means that the Obama government borrows $189 million every hour of every day to run our nation. This money is borrowed against your GRANDCHILDREN”S earnings as yours are all spent already.

Our “spenders’ in Congress are arguing over a debt ceiling that means nothing. When the rest of the world turns off the tap, the United States of America will collapse. Our money will be worthless - all cash, savings and investments.

So, have a beer. Smoke a cigar. Sleep tight. And don’t let the Democrats have your guns. You are going to need them.

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Ann arbor voter said...

And Borders, based in Ann Arbor, is going out of business!

How can this be happening under Obama's watch?