Thursday, July 14, 2011

Community Card Review - Obama Copies Reagan-Bush to Try and Get Re-elected

“Tax rates for every American were poised to automatically increase on January 1, 2011. Had that come to pass, the average middle class family would have had to pay an extra $3,000 in taxes next year. That would not have just been a blow to them. It would have been a blow to our economy, just as we are climbing out of a devastating recession.

I refuse to let that happen. Because I acted, it is not going to. In fact, not only will middle class Americans avoid a tax increase, but tens of millions of Americans will open their first paycheck in 2011 and see that it is larger than the one they get right now.” – Barack Hussein Obama, December 19, 2011

If this is all so wonderful, why didn’t Obama make this statement two years ago to boost everyone’s confidence that no tax hikes were coming? Now this was not really a tax cut, but just a short term continuation of the Bush Tax Cuts (BTC).

Matter of fact, since the Bush Tax Cuts were passed, the Democrats have claimed that these “breaks for the rich” were responsible for all the government debt and the “recession” under Bush. That is $30,000 (ten years of hating the BTC for those of you in Ann Arbor) more taxes the middle class would have paid if the Democrats had their way. Since you Democrats have hated the BTC for so long, why extend them now if they are so bad for the country?

Or… if it is wonderful now, why not make them permanent? The answer is of course that Democrats do not want you keeping your money. All money is theirs, and you only have what they let you keep. That is how Democrats look at your income.

I know it is confusing to read, but following Democrat speak always is. That is all they have is contradiction, lies, distortions and hypocrisy. Democrats can never be truthful about their true intentions.

This extension of the BTC is driving the communist left voters bonkers and even turning the stomachs of the Democrats in government. But what can they do? A tax increase now would destroy the already weak US economy further and guarantee a further Democrat annihilation in the elections of November 2012.

On Sunday, December 18th, David Gregory on “Meet the Press” asked Vice President Joe Biden, “Why wait until 2012? Do you really expect in an election year that no one is going to vote to extend the tax cuts even longer? What is going to be different then than now?”

Gregory, a certified media member of the loony left decrying the continuation of the BTC. What a tool.

VP Bite Me said, “We won’t be in a position where the economy will be as shaky as it is right now. We had to make a deal where we can grow the economy.

If we would have not made a decision until next year (2011), it would have created so much uncertainty, and there were a number of economists that said it would create a double dip recession.

So we not only avoided it getting worse, we made the prospects much better for the economy.”

What Bite Me admits to without realizing it, is that following Democrat policies (of raising taxes) would lead to a double dip recession. He’s right on that. He also is admitting that Reagan-Bush policies of tax cuts help the economy –which is also true. So why do Democrats insist on raising taxes all the time?

Gregory then followed that up with this; “Obama wrote in his book that he found the Bush Tax Cuts morally troubling. Is that still his belief?”

Bite Me, “It is still his belief. And mine too. But we have to compromise to save people who are drowning. There are people out there drowning. There are two million people out there who cannot afford to go out and get a Christmas tree, let alone buy any gifts. Because their unemployment has run out because they have been unemployed for over two years. But in two years we will come back at the BTC’s again.”

Where to start???? Bite Me, and Obama STILL want to repeal the BTC even though they admit it will hurt Americans. They are just not going to do it until after they are re-elected. They will continue the “immoral” BTC, hoping it will keep the economy strong enough to get them re-elected, and then they will lower the boom on the middle class.

Bite Me also admits since Obama and he took office, millions more have lost their jobs. Bite Me admits that after the next election, he and Obama won’t care if two million people will be able to buy a Christmas tree. Biden admits that after the next election, he and Obama will drive millions more out of work as millions more have their unemployment run out.

Joe Biden, telling the truth about the Democrats by accident. Hussein copying Bush and Reagan - temporarily - to get re-elected.

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