Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Community Card Review - The Treachery and Treason of the Democrats

The debate over the USA raising their debt ceiling is an absolute red herring.

The definition of a red herring is a discussion or argument over something trivial to hide the real issues in a negotiation. At the proper moment, the side demanding the red herring trades it for what they REALLY want in the negotiations.

The Democrats want tax increases of course. But they really want to keep spending. And they claim that if we don’t raise our debt limit, our nation will default and collapse.

Truth: If this country does not stop spending, we will default and collapse. The red herring is the talking point and cover used by the main stream liberal media to cover for the Democrats destroying our country.

The USA telling the world we are willing to go deeper into debt (raising our own debt limit) will not impress anyone. In fact, it will do the opposite. If you go to a bank and tell them you are raising your own debt limit, do you think they will be impressed?

The Republicans claim they want to stop the spending and really don’t want tax increases. And the Republicans are willing to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for spending cuts.

The Democrats scream that the Republicans are willing to let the USA collapse in order to protect the rich and starve the poor.

The Democrats know that tax increases decreases jobs (they admitted such just a month or so ago – see past Community Card posts here at NPP).

The Republicans say “No we don’t! Watch this! We will let you raise the debt limit and continue spending, if you don’t raise taxes! Deal?”

Obama and the Democrats, who never proposed or produced a budget in the two and a half years they spent this nation into complete bankruptcy, say “NO! See America, the Republicans will not be bi-partisan to protect the rich!” The media repeats the mantra.

Bi-partisan to Democrats is letting the Democrats drive this nation into complete and utter collapse and declare Marshall Law and a dictatorship.

All of Obama’s spending – raising this nation’s debt 30% in two and a half years - to his union bosses and world banker buddies, times are worse than ever and moving down. Believe it or not, it was done on purpose.

The Republicans think negotiating, compromising and then caving to the Devil will keep them safe. It won’t.

My fellow citizens first voted for this destruction, and now think voting still will solve it. It won't. The collapse will happen, sooner than later.

Of course the media and the educational system thinks helping the Democrats will keep them safe. The banks think working with the government will keep them safe.

When Stalin and Castro took over, the next groups killed after their political enemies, were the media, the teachers and the bankers.

I wish I would be able to see the looks on their faces as they are rounded up. It would almost make seeing our country destroyed worthwhile.

I’m not making stuff up. Just looking at history.

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