Wednesday, December 02, 2015

LittleRedElf Wins the 2015 Tournament of Champions

Chrissy Blair is floored on the NPP beach by LittleRedElf's talents.
LittleRedElf didn't have a typical Elf like season. but he was at his best when he had to beat the best.
Eleven of the sixteen qualifiers were signed up for the TOC and The Elf waited until there were only four left to make his move. After that - it was all Elf all the time.

Tigercub8189 finished 4th.
Mikeniks-Faldo held on for 3rd.
Absea98 lost his heads up match to the Great One to finish second.

LittleRedElf wins for the 5th time this year and it was his 26th NPP win. Congratulations to the Elf!

Next up the NPP Final.

With his 4th place finish - Tigercub8189 wins the final spot in the Final.

He joins:


An eight player final for the 2015 NPP Player of the Year title. See you all Tuesday!
Thank you to every player and reader for another great year. - Faldo


DERF said...

WONDERFUL Season!! Mike thanks for ALL you do!!

are we taking a couple weeks off ?? What is the calendar look like???

Absea98 "Gary" said...

Congratulations to all our winners! Glad you made it in Tiger Cub. Like Fred said, thank you Mike for everything you do to keep this league up and running.

Nik Faldo said...

Everyone is welcome! Derf, you are in the NPP Final so be sure to be there Tuesday.
Then, we start again next year!

DERF said...

So we are taking a few weeks off ?? no play 12-15, 22 or 29th ??

Back to play January 5th ??