Thursday, December 31, 2015

Faldo’s 50 Undeniable Truths of Life

        Just in time for the New Year. 
        May this coming year get our nation closer to  God - who is the foundation of our country.
        Here are undeniable truths to help you help get our nation back on track.

     1.      The greatest threat to humanity lies in the nuclear arsenal of ANY country. Especially nut case countries – like Iran and North Korea currently.
     2.      There is only one way to get rid of nuclear weapons - use them. See #1.
     3.      The greatest threat to world lies in communists and Muslims – which are the same ideology. One masks itself as the great equalizer – the other as a religion.  
      4.      Communism and the Muslim religion – kills people. Period.
      5.      Communists, Muslim and Democrat Leaders are all – at the core - just dictators.
      6.      In the communist and Muslim lexicon, peace means the absence of opposition and the disposal of opposition. It does not mean a lack of killing and torture.
7.      The Peace Movement in the US, whether by accident or design, is pro-Communist.
8.      Peace does not mean the elimination of nuclear weapons.
9.      Peace does not mean the absence of war. To free people, peace means the absence of threats and the presence of justice.
10.  War will never be obsolete. The Earth is governed by the aggressive use of force.
11.  Peace cannot be achieved by developing a "understanding" with communist countries and the Muslim religion. Peace can only be achieved by eliminating both of these threats to peace. Accept as truth that communists and Muslims have to be eliminated - because they will never stop trying to eliminate or enslave you.
12.  The US will go to war again – externally of course, but also internally again also.
13.  The blood of patriots and tyrants must be spilled to nourish the tree of freedom – or freedom dies.
14.  There are no such things as war atrocities. War itself is an atrocity.
15.  To more and more people, a victorious US is a sinful US. This is frightening and ominous. When Americans (like all Democrats) oppose the Constitution, it is not courageous and sacred; it is dangerous.
16.  Neither the US, nor anyone else, imposes freedom on the peoples of other nations.
17.  Government service should be a short term service – done for free or at cost - to your fellow citizens and for your fellow citizens. It is not a career path. To properly govern the real world, one must work in the real world.
18.  There is a God. Freedom is God given.Evolution cannot explain Creation.
19.  The media, the schools – pre-school thru college, and the government is 95% liberal-socialist-communist Democrats. They are there for two reasons: 1) it’s easy work with no free market pressure to perform for a customer and 2) to spread their freedom destroying propaganda.
20.  The main stream media – whether on the television, radio, newspapers, magazines or internet – tell you what they want you to know as they want to tell it to you. It will never be the whole truth and actually rarely is close to the truth. It is not news if they don’t tell you about it – and the way they want to tell you about it.
21.  The collective knowledge and wisdom of seasoned citizens is the most valuable, yet untapped, resource our young-people have.
22.  Abortion is wrong. It is murder, and the justification for abortion or any murder must be for the greater good. It doesn’t make it any less wrong however.
23.  Morality is not defined and cannot be defined by individual choice.
24.  Love is the only human emotion that cannot be controlled.
25.  Abe Lincoln saved this nation. True. But he also violated the Constitution.
26.  There will always be poor people. This is not the fault of the rich. And poverty is not the root cause of crime.

27. Unions were founded by two communists - who ended up murdering workers who were just trying to earn a living for their families. Big Bill Haywood and Eugene Debs then fled the USA to live in the Soviet Union.

28. Unions are communist by their charters and ideals. They are corrupt by their nature and their deeds of theft, embezzlement and extortion. They are mafia controlled and a money laundering operation for the Democrat Party - assisting in the destruction of the United States of America.
29.  You should thank God for making you an American; and instead of feeling guilty about it, help spread our ideas worldwide.
30.  There is a distinct singular American culture - rugged individualism and self-reliance - which made America great.
31.  The vast majority of the rich in this country did not inherit their wealth; they earned it. They are the country's achievers, producers, and job creators.
32.  No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.
33.  Evidence refutes liberalism – 100% of the time.
34.  There is no such thing as a New Democrat or a Moderate Democrat. They are both Marxists at their core.
35.  The Earth's eco-system is not fragile. The Earth is trying to kill us – not the other way around.
36.  Character matters; leadership descends from character.
37.  The most beautiful thing about a tree is what you do with it after you cut it down.
38.  Ronald Reagan was the greatest president of the twentieth century.
39.  The 1980s was not a decade of greed but a decade of prosperity; it was the longest period of peacetime growth in American history.
40.  Abstinence prevents sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy - every time it's tried.
41.  There's a simple way to solve the crime problem: obey the law; punish those who do not.
42.  The number of laws and lawyers need to be cut in half. The number of judges needs to be doubled. Let’s concentrate on real crime and move it along. No need for most traffic or drug laws. We already have laws for public indecency, murder and destruction of property to cover these.
43.  To stop frivolous lawyers and law suits - the cost of suing and losing should be equal to the damages sought by the suing party – payable in full by both the suit bringer and his lawyer.
44.  Feminism was established so as to destroy the family unit, make women taxpayers, and literally make all children orphans by design to be turned over to the government for training in the liberal – communism mantra.
45.  Women should not be on juries. They are, by design, too emotional.
46.  Women should not vote. They are by design, too focused on the present and not the future.
47.  Men and women are not equal or the same. They were not created to be equal or the same – on purpose. Each have a role they are built for. Deal with it.
48.  The way to improve our schools is not more money, but the reintroduction of moral and spiritual values, as well as going back to the basics of education – reading, math and science.
49.  Every tax and tax increase – no matter how small or justified – robs citizens of more freedom, wealth and personal options in their lives. Remember that.
50.  The Constitution of the United States is the greatest document ever created by mankind – written with the hand of God – thru our forefathers. To violate it or change it’s foundation is a sin against God.


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