Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Derf-63 is NPP's 2015 Player of the Year!

Shana Hiatt waits for Derf in the NPP Lounge
This is the 2nd time Derf-63 has won this title. He also did it in 2013. Congratulations Fred!

Here is how it went down:
8th - K9isadog - blinded out
7th - Mikeniks-Faldo hits a straight, but Derf-63 hits a flush (but also had a higher straight!).
6th - Absea98 runs into Tigercub8189's straight.
5th - A short-stacked Suetman123 has to go with KJ but LittleRedElf has KQ.
4th - Tigercub8189 has two pair but Derf-63 has trips.
3rd - ThePunk75 goes with 33 but LittleRedElf has JJ.
2nd - LittleRedElf's two pair ran into Derf-63's full house.
1st - Derf-63

This was also Derf's 7th win of the year and 23rd NPP win.
Derf had two more wins this year than any other NPPer. Great job Derf!

I want to thank all the loyal players - and readers - of Nik's Poker Palace.
It has to be a real love of the competition of poker and a camaraderie with the great people and players of NPP.

The US government - aka the Obama Dictatorship - took over $600 million from PokerStars on the promise that PokerStars would be allowed back into the USA to offer safe, secure and honest poker to US citizens. It has been almost seven years and PokerStars is no closer to realizing that business.

Therefore, we at NPP are no closer to playing for -  even though small stakes - real money.
But because of the great people here at NPP, our league survives on loyalty.

Faldo is humbled by the love shown by the players here. Thank you all again!

See you next year for the league. Some political and funny posts will show up on occasion - so don't  be a reading stranger. 


DERF said...

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!! Maybe see ya before 2016!!

Abs said...

Looking forward to playing with this group in 2016. An awesome league...keep it going Mike!