Friday, November 27, 2015

Tigercub8189 Wins for the 1st Time in 2015 - All But One Seat Taken

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Tigercub8189 could not win a seat in the NPP Final Tuesday, but he can give himself a chance in the Tournament of Champions now on Tuesday night!

He bested twelve players who showed up to play the last round. Johnied55 needed a last round win to win the last quarter seat. And with Suetman123 sitting out, all he had to do was win. But his 'need to win' aggressive play cost him and he was an early exit.

So the only thing left to settle was if someone without a win would make the TOC. Well Tigercub8189 stepped up and got it done! Congratulations! Now you get to play all the other winners to try and win the last seat in the NPP Final.

If someone with a seat already wins the TOC, then the seat is passed down to the highest finisher who does not have a seat yet. So - if you won a tournament this year and do not have a seat in the Finals yet - here is your big chance!

Who is in the TOC you ask? Here are your winners of the 48 NPP rounds:

Everyone else will be blocked from the TOC entry. But don't panic, you will be back for the action next year.
Here are your seat holders currently who cannot take a seat from the TOC victory. Those of you without a seat may want to cheer for them as well as yourself on Tuesday.
Absea98 - won seat 1
MikeniksFaldo - won seat 2
LittleRedElf - won seat 3
ThePunk75 - won seat 4
Suetman123 - won seat 5
Derf-63 - won 1st most points seat
K9isadog - won the 2nd most points seat

So these seven players may win the TOC but will not take a seat from the nine on the TOC qualifier list who do not. Faldo hopes to see a full 16 player tourney on Tuesday. See you then!

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