Friday, November 13, 2015

Johnnied55 Wins for the 3rd Time in 2015

Sara Jean Underwood and friends stop by NPP lounge for Johnnied55.
This is what is known as 'making a run' for the title! The 4th quarter title to be exact.

Johnnied55 has won three times this quarter to get close enough to our long-time leader Suetman123, to make the last two rounds of the 4th quarter - extremely exciting!

Now Johnnie and Sue are not the only ones still with a shot at the 4th quarter seat in the finals.

Tomservo2, Theedouble*d and Douge2 are also in the hunt!

Then of course there are the two seats for most points without a quarter win. Suetman123 looks to be in great shape to grab one of those - if she doesn't win this quarter.

Derf-63, K9isadog, T3chlady and Sanster89 all have a stake in that race - as well as the three players already mentioned!

They all have to simultaneously root for Sue to win the 4th quarter (taking her out of the Total Points Seat race) - while picking up much needed points themselves to move into - or stay in the top two of points earned for the year. Or enough points to pass both Sue and Johnnie! Decisions - decisions!

The best plan is to finish as high as you can and let the chips (pun intended) fall where they may.

So, that is a total of nine players still with a chance for the 3 remaining seats available via points.
HOLD ON - there is more!

Winners of a tournament are eligible for the Tournament of Champions. The highest finisher in that tournament - who does not have a seat yet - also wins a seat in the Finals.

So, if you have not won yet this year - you still have a shot at yet another chance to make it to the NPP Big Dance!

The bottom line is - for the best in on - line league poker action (actually the best poker action on the internet - free or not) Niks Poker Palace is the place to be!
See you Tuesday.

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