Sunday, November 15, 2015

NPP Takes on QuadZilla

This is what your hands looks like when you play against the NPP'ers! Beware!
A group of NPP veterans head out to show the poker world what we are all about. ThePunk75 is gracious enough to send in this report!

"This past Saturday afternoon, three current NPP players and one NPP legend competed in a two table monster stack holden tournament. 
TheeDouble*d, 95Corolla, The Punk75 and Matchy were the players and QuadZilla was the game.

The field ended up with 17 players and each was given 400k in tournament chips which was 400 BB to start.  95Corolla was seated at one table, Matchy, Punk and DD were seated at another. 

When seats were taken The Punk was seated directly to DD's left. DD was warned to to try his 10xBB raise on Punks big blind. Early on there was not many fireworks. Although an all in four bet was announced by 95 Corolla, it ended up not being called and word got back to our table it was KK vs AA. 

Matchy was the first casualty of the NPP group as he never got any traction. 

DD was next out of the group. 

I was card dead and short stacked and was waiting for any kind of all in hand. It finally came with A4, so my all in was anounced for 61k which was about 3x BB. The BB called with QJ. An ace of the flop gave me the double up I needed. 

My next double up came a few hands later when the SB raised me all in, in the BB I looked down at 44. Think for a minute and call. I flip them and ask if they are ahead. They are as he has J2. 5 cards that were not a jack hit the board and I was just a little more then  my starting stack.

The final table formed a few minutes later. 95Corolla and myself were both still short stacked compared to the remaining players. That would not last for long. Facing a min raise from the player next to me, I look down at AK and reraise all in , folds all around to the raiser, he tanks and calls with 88. An ace hit the flop and I have doubled up to 840K. The dinner break hits.

When play resumes, my cards catch fire as I quickly chip up to over 1 million. With 95Corolla in either SB or BB, I min raise to 120k and he announces all in for about 280k. I call , it my 10's vs AQ. The flop is rolled out slowly exposing an ace first.. I sigh.. then a 10, and then a fist pump. 

The knockout of 95Corolla gave me about 1.4 million. The heater continued on as I chipped up to over 2 million when we got to 4 handed and up to nearly 4 million at 3 handed play. 

While in the BB the small blind(and the short stack) limps for 120k, I look down at A7, I announce raise to 340k. The SB thinks then raises all in for 800k. I call and my A7 leads his K6. A seven on flop eliminates a couple of his outs but 2 bricks on turn and river brings us to heads up play. 

A quick chip count takes place and I have about a 1 millions chip lead. A brief chop is discussed but I want to play it out. Heads up play doesn't not last very long. 

I have AQ and want to set the trap. I limp into the BB hoping the BB will raise. Bingo, he raises to 360k. I pause, then announce reraise... to 1 million. He tanks. I say I've always wanted to say  "I raise to 1 million". Yes it was as awesome as I thought it would be! 

He re-raises all in. I snap call. Its my AQ VS AJ.

A stupid Jack then hits the flop. Really? Then 2 bricks. Im crippled to about 900 k. 2 hands later it ended my A4 vs KQ, with 2 kings on the flop. So I ended up with 2nd place." - ThePunk75

Great job and great report ThePunk75!

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Gary "absea98" said...

Nice game to all of you! Nice write up Punk!