Thursday, November 19, 2015

K9isadog Wins for the 4th Time in 2015

Vida Guerra is floored in the NPP lounge by K9isadog's poker talent.
K9isadog a player! He hid in the weeds basically all season and at the last minute, it's he who nearly decides who is in and who is out!

K9isadog wins, but has no shot of winning the 4th quarter.
 K9 wins, but doesn't clinch a Total Point Seat .......yet.
But he clears nearly all the competition out of the way for Suetman123 - which in a round about way - really sets him up to win a Total Point seat. You see if and when Suetman123 wins the 4th quarter, she leaves the Total Point pool! With her out of the way, K9isadog is the Total Point leader.

The funny thing is.....where was K9isadog all year? Well, where he was ....was slowly and consistently gathering up points and then striking when the time was right.

95corolla finished 2nd out of 15 players.
Absea98 adds to his league leading total - finishing 3rd.
Rachael0388 finished 4th.
And Suetman123 does what leaders do - picked up points against some great and hungry poker players!

Its not over yet for Johnnied55. He can still overtake Suetman123 for the 4th quarter seat. It is his only shot for a regular season seat. Although he still has the Tournament of Champions tournament even if he fails to eak out Sue.

Now, for the Total Point Race. Suetman123 has one of the two Total Point seats locked up. Good for her as she has earned it!

K9isadog has Derf-63 looking over his shoulder. If Johnnied55 can pass Sue, then the race between K9 and Derf becomes a last round fight to the death. If Johnnied55 whiffs, then K9isadog and Derf-63 are in.

Be here for the drama! Be here to win the last week and get a seat in the Tournament of Champions - to win that - and get a seat in the NPP final!

We have one week left in the regular season. Be here for the conclusion - and get some practice for next year

Congratulations to K9isadog on his 20th NPP victory!

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