Friday, July 31, 2015

Planned Parenthood Equals Planned Child Butchering

Where is that case of beer........AND case of whiskey? Faldo wants it now!

Faldo’s had it! Again!

Faldo stopped being political since the election - to the highest office in the world - of a stupid, lazy communist Muslim, with a fake birth certificate, and who never had a job, by a crooked, rigged political system, a useful idiot media and with a big help from the dumbest voters on the planet. 

And some men voted for Obama too. 'Worm', in the poker movie Rounders called it right; "In the poker game of life, women are the fucking rake!"

On the radio during the commuting from Faldo’s government funding job, Faldo usually listens to easy listening now or even Comedy Central radio….keeping it light. But every once in a while Faldo turns on Rush, Thayrone X or Michael Savage – just to see what the Faldo-wanna be’s are talking about today.

Their job by the way is just to keep us conservatives thinking our votes, rights and opinions still matter. Faldo’s job was to tell you what is really going on. But that is a subject for another day.

Thayrone X on WAAM Radio 1600 AM was on a rant about Planned Parenthood and their selling of aborted baby’s body parts – for profit.

He ranted that this was the equivalent to the Nazi death camps, Nazi human experiments, and Nazi attempts at both genocide and selective harvesting of people.

He ranted about the US government (taxpayers) funding this murder and butchering. He ranted about our elected officials ignoring it.

He ranted about how this practice destroyed the lie liberals tell that an aborted baby is just a ‘tissue mass’ – because yet another video is out where Planned Parenthood officials are discussing how they must take great pains during an abortion so they don’t damage the ‘baby’s body parts.’

Gross enough for you? I guess not to most women anymore.

Then he went on to rant about how the American voter is in a cloud – blinded by reality TV and sports. He ranted that voters are mostly lazy, but they should “take action” and should call the Attorney General and Governor’s office and demand an ‘investigation’.

Uh……yeah. An investigation. That will do it. Those government investigations of it’s own funded programs always work. NOT!

Well, Thayrone X was correct – right up to the point where he gave his advice on how to correct it.

But let’s face it – he is on the radio. Not only that – he owns the radio station. He can’t say everything that needs to be said. All Thayrone X can do is complain about the symptoms and ask that citizen resort to our rights and call people that really don’t give a shit about us and tell them we don’t like what they are funding. And we want a little medicine on the symptom. Yeah – like an investigation – please?

Faldo has no such restriction to please an audience or sponsor group. I can tell you the truth without a filter.

If you want to end this practice of butchering unborn babies, once and for all, you must go to the root cause. Faldo always goes to the root cause.

The root cause is WOMEN – pure and simple. Women are the root cause of almost everything that is wrong with this country.

But forget women’s documented lack of analysis skills, their emotional weaknesses and prejudices, their hissy fit and bitch tactics when they don’t get their way, their biological preference for perceived security over freedom, and their biological prejudice that if it perceived to help them or their kids now - they want it.

Forget the future ramifications or the pain it causes anyone else for that matter. It helps their little world today – right now - women will vote for it and worry about the future – well, in the future.

But put all that truth aside. The fact is:

It is women opening their legs to men out of wedlock.

It is women that are getting pregnant when the knowledge to prevent it is well known.

It is women walking into Planned Parenthood, so they can keep their party going.

It is women laying on the table and letting someone carefully rip their unborn child out of their bodies and sell it like parts of an old jalopy.

The problem is WOMEN. The problem almost always is WOMEN. No one but Faldo will say it, but it’s the truth.

Women reading this are outraged and probably stopped reading after I announced the ‘root cause a couple paragraphs ago – calling me a ‘nut’ or ‘typical male’. Men reading this are cringing and hoping their wife or daughters don’t catch them reading this.

Listen, women’s main role – after childbirth (which appears to just be an option they can ignore and get kudos for doing just that in the liberal world) is to be the MORAL compass of society.

Women are the balancing “ying” to the men’s “yang”. They are the tempering system to keep men civil and moral. If women become the same as men (a liberal concept, knowing it will destroy a society), then the brakes and safety rails come off.

The evidence is all around.

The liberal government has destroyed the Americans-who-happen-to-be-black (ABB) family by replacing Dad with Uncle Sam and his welfare. The ABB men stopped working and just make babies – usually with as many women as possible. The women – without a reliable man to be the bread winner turns to a welfare system that pays her more – if she has more children. The ABB women no longer make the men do their moral responsibility. They go to the government (the Liberal-Democrat-Communist Plan). And the ABB women run the show. How is that working for the ABB’s the last 70 years?

Why do you think the slave like control over women started in the Middle East? Wise men – way back when – writing the Bible, the Koran and yes -even the Constitution – knew that giving women any real voice in real decision making was asking to fall into complete hell on Earth.

However, the Muslim type religions and pure communist governments take it too far. The women have NO say in anything. They have no government protection. They don’t even have ‘nagging’ rights –which are in women’s DNA. After all, how else does the grass get cut, the garbage taken out or the drapes hung in the living room (makes a home a home and not a pig sty) without NAGGING? But I digress.

Women’s “ying” input to society is shut off in the Muslim and Communist (re: China) world. Hence, you have the dictator like society run by religious or regular dictatorial leaders, and the men in that society only know war and brutality to show their manliness. Their job is to be barbaric. There is no balance.

Christian religion realized this problem and evolved the marriage system and family unit with the old fashion roles defined. The man is the head of the household, but knew his boundaries and responsibilities to society. The women made sure the men stayed in those boundaries or ‘none for you’.

The women ran the home and took care of the children. The man ran the society and provided for the wife and kids. It is a balanced system that filtered women’s biological socialism thru their husband’s biological competitive and aggressive nature. A best of both world’s mix.

You know – the very system that built this country into the greatest super power the world has ever seen. But liberals openly mock and ridicule it as ‘demeaning’ to women – and use taxes to make it nearly impossible to function – forcing women into the workplace and away from the children.

I’ll say it again. There is a reason – and real modern evidence now – why the Founding Fathers said women could not vote. They were correct – women can’t vote. Not intelligently enough and in enough quantity to let them.

Not enough of females have the mental capacity to overcome their instinctive socialism and need for security. Maybe 30% of women do, but that is about all. Liberals figured out that if you give the women presents or even just some sweet talk, they will vote for you.

To be fair, 30% of men don’t have the brains to vote either. They are the proud liberal male, but the other 70% of men can keep those mentally ill men at bay.

We have now evolved to the point where women are:
butchering their babies in the morning and go back to;

picketing against forest management in order to save the nest of one ‘spotted owl’. Does that sound like the mind of a sane gender? Or political party?

Women make up close to 70% of the population of the college campuses in the United States. And about the same percentage of women go to the polls. How does that bode for our nation’s future?

Women, it is on you to save the country – and thus yourselves. Climb back into the genie bottle the 19th amendment opened, and take the entire sisterhood with you, and denounce your voting rights. It’s painfully obvious it is not politically correct for the men to try and get it done. And American men are to pussy-whipped now to try it.

Women have to be honest with themselves and realize – they don’t have it. Drop the burden and tell the men to pick it back up – NOW – or they won’t ‘get any’. Trust me – the men will pick it back up….immediately!

But alas, women don’t have the capacity to even admit their mistakes – not to themselves - and especially not to men.

It’s over. When women are happily butchering unborn children – I say it’s over.


Bigbrimar said...

Here's Faldo again, sugarcoating his opinion.

Anonymous said...

If this was selling of puppy parts, there would be #outrage on #CNN.

JoeMama said...

My reading of the Bible suggests the same Ying/Yang.

Wives, be subservient to your husband.

Husbands, be like Jesus and be ready, and willing, to die (or kill) for your wife.

Looking at the number of romance novels sold, I bet many women would swoon at the chance to find a non-pussified man. As long as he knew enough to chill the Chardonnay and warm the KY.