Friday, July 10, 2015

Derf-63 Wins for the 4th Time in 2015

Danica Thrall is absolutely enthralled with Derf-63's poker talent!

Derf-63 wins again over a field of seventeen! But can he keep gathering points against this tough field?

ThePunk75 expanded his lead in the Third Quarter race with another fine showing. ThePunk75 seems to be using more a a Faldo-esque approach to this – gathering points most rounds instead of going for the wins. I’m sure he will get a few victories in there as well.

K9isadog expanded his Total Points lead on the field with his 4th place finish tonight.

On to the action:
Sanster89  (5th)

K9isadog (4th)

Rachael0388 (3rd)

ThePunk75 (2nd)

Congratulations to Derf-63 on his 20th  NPP win!

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