Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Faldo Wins for the 3rd Time in 2015

Gisele buffs Faldo's car.....then Faldo.
Faldo doesn't mean to brag - but - If you did it, it ain't bragging! Faldo bested a field of 15 and won a long heads up battle - coming back from a 2 to 1 chip deficit.

And Faldo somehow won the tournament in spite of one of the toughest final tables in a while.

Now don't get Faldo wrong - every final table is tough at NPP. But this one was a real toughie.

9th - Suetman123
8th - LittleRedElf (enough said about how tough this table was)
7th - Tomservo2
6th - Derf-63
5th - T3chlady
4th - ThePunk75
3rd - Absea98
2nd - Douge2

All Faldo can say is that it was a thrill to win this one, and an honor to play against this group of true rounders.

ThePunk75 widened his lead in the 3rd quarter with his 4th place finish.

There are plenty of rounds to run him down. Be here and take up the challenge!


DERF said...

FALDO - get you points on the list!!! Remember your in the "MIX" !!!

Bigbrimar said...

Nice, Faldo!!