Saturday, August 08, 2015

ThePunk75 Wins Two in a Row - Pulling Away in the 3rd Quarter

ThePunk75's fans wave to ThePunk75 on the NPP yacht.
Well, the pursuers are going to need faster horses now.
ThePunk75 wins his 2nd NPP tournament in a row, and his 3rd of the year.
The gap over his closest rival in the 3rd quarter - Derf-63 - has ballooned to almost 10 points!
With four rounds left in the 3rd quarter, and a victory worth about 5 points, someone is going to have to reel off some wins in a hurry to have any shot at catching ThePunk!
If ThePunk75 clinches the 3rd quarter seat early, then the 4th quarter will be extended the extra rounds.
No unimportant weeks at NPP - that's for sure.
Sorry for the even shorter tournament update this week.
Life sometimes interferes with poker.
See you all next Tuesday.
Congratulations to ThePunk75 on his 22nd NPP victory! 

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