Sunday, December 04, 2011

Poker Sites Are Collapsing Around Faldo

The Royal Flush girls showed up to comfort Faldo.

I don’t know what you out there are finding, but my family of poker sites is shrinking quickly.

First of all, I had to leave BoDog Poker because they are closing to the US market at the end of the year. I didn’t feel like playing poker at a site that basically is saying, whatever money you don’t lose, we have to send back to you.

What if they don’t want to send it to me? My river cards may be even worse for Faldo than usual (not that it could be possible really).

I was playing at Poker4Ever, but the super-turbo freerolls have dried up to nothing, and I am not depositing any money into any more poker sites until our government figures out how and how much to rip us off.

Logging into P4E is simply a waste of time (as is playing freerolls and playing for free chips, but at least playing has some entertainment value).

Cake Poker doesn’t have freerolls and as I stated, I am not depositing anything at this time.

And now Absolute / Ultimate Bet Poker has a frozen free chip SNG room. I don’t play on line free chip ring play. But I do play the SNG’s. Well the last three log ins on three different days, showed me the exact same tournament fill record. None of the screens are working properly.

I tried different computers and both sites, and the results were the same.

This leaves me with two sites to play for money (cash still in the site won in freerolls) Sportsbook and World Sports (Poker) Exchange.

And two sites to play for play chips – Poker Stars and Rise Poker.
I guess they will have to do.


pre01 said...

Yeah, but I watched the WSOP for the first time in a lo-o-ong time this weekend and it was great not to be bombarded with all of those poker site logos.

Brian said... - small site, 99c SnGs, and you can bet on sports.

Anonymous said...

lately been doing well on sportsbook playing Omaha, Om h/l and 7 stud h/l, most on these sites don't really know the game that well.

Comfortable Democrat said...

Smarten up!

These online poker sites were shut down while Obama was president. The least you and your readers could do is fall inline and comply with his policies.

What else are you gonna do? Run Mitt or Newt against him in 2012? Puh-leeze.....