Tuesday, December 13, 2011

K9isadog Wins for the 2nd Time This Season! – NPP Final Table Set

Two in a row! K9isadog does it again! A late rush of wins and he slides into an NPP Finals seat. It is truly amazing as he only played in HALF the tourneys!!

K9isadog was dominating in 2010 also, and it looks like he is back for 2011.

Eighteen show for the last night of NPP action for 2011.

Surprisingly, one player that still had a chance to make the finals didn’t play – Cigar4John. That’s a shame!

Another exciting conclusion to the NPP season! When the smoke cleared, here are our Finalists:

Absea98 – Winner of the first and last NPP rounds!
LittleRedElf – Most points earned in the first two rounds, but also had enough points to win a seat in the last round!
Tomservo2 – Winner of our shortened middle round.
95corolla – Winner of the 1st seat earned in the last round.
Suetman123 – 2nd place seat in the last round.
K9isadog – 3rd place seat in the last round

Hat tip to Tomservo2, Wingsfancurt and T3chlady for their effort here tonight.

On to the action:

16 min: A short-stacked 8thmile (18th) is called by three players and loses to LittleRedElf’s (TT). This eliminates 8thmile from a Finals chair.

18 min: KingBing420 (17th) loses to 95corolla’s trip sixes.
19 min: Bblbtt (16th) loses to T3chlady.
22 min: ThePunk75 (15th) is double-teamed by BigDaddyTman and 95corolla, who wins it with pocket queens. This knocks ThePunk out of a Finals seat.

31 min: Finalist Tomservo2 (14th) pairs his kings, but loses to K9isadog’s two pair.
34 min: Derf-63 (13th) Missed it. Phone call.
36 min: BigDaddyTman (12th) sees his (AK) run into 95corolla’s (KK).
36 min: A SS Pre01 (11th) has to go with (Jd Td) but loses to LittleRedElf’s (Ac Kc).

1st break:
95corolla 9030
T3chlady 3852
K9isadog 2934
Wingsfancurt 2730
Absea98 2470
LittleRedElf 1935
Suetman123 1849
Tommydoo 1155
Mikeniks-Faldo 620 (sitting out)
Douge2 430 (no show)

68 min: Douge2 (10th) Blinds out again.
75 min: A SS Tommydoo (9th) goes with (A3) and pairs his [3] on the flop. But runs into T3chlady’s (Ac Qc) and a turned [Q].

76min: Mikeniks-Faldo (8th) always sits out the last tourney of a league decider if he doesn’t need to win a seat himself.

83 min: A SS LittleRedElf (7th) has to go with (AQ) and is called by K9isadog with (KQ) and a [K] turns. See you at the Finals Elf!

We settled in for some poker at this point.

2nd break:
95corolla 7825
K9isadog 5855
Absea98 4180
T3chlady 3822
Wingsfancurt 3690
Suetman123 1628

136 min: A SS Suetman123 (6th) has to go with (AX) but K9isadog has two pair. Now she has to wait and see if she will hang on to a seat in the Finals.

140 min: 95corolla (5th) has a straight, but Wingsfancurt has a full house!! No matter as 95corolla is in the NPP Finals.

157 min: Wingsfancurt (4th) sees his two pair lose to T3chlady’s trips! Ouch. Wingsfancurt will come up just short of an NPP final chair, but a great year just the same.

170 min: Absea98 (3rd) sees his (QQ) lose to K9isadog’s straight.

Heads up K9isadog 20200 T3chlady 6800

172 min: T3chlady (2nd) has to go with (AK) but is beaten by K9isadog’s (Qd 9d) when a [9] flops.

Congratulations to K9isadog on his 9th NPP win, and yet another seat in the NPP finals.

1st – K9isadog
2nd –T3chlady
3rd – Absea98
4th – Wingsfancurt
5th – 95corolla
6th – Suetman123
7th – LittleRedElf
8th – Mikeniks-Faldo
9th – Tommydoo
10th – Douge2
11th – Pre01
12th – BigDaddyTman
13th – Derf-63
14th – Tomservo2
15th – ThePunk75
16th – Bblbtt
17th – KingBing420
18th - 8thmile


Anonymous said...

For those of you that don't know, Mike had heart surgery yesterday (Wednesday). I talked to his son Matt and it went well. He is in recovery now. He is pretty sore, twhs!

He should be out of the hospital within a week. Or if they have a male scrub nurse it might take a month or two.

Glad to hear it went well Faldo!


Bigbrimar said...

I heard from Matt as well, nice here everything went good.

Rest up Mike!!

Anonymous said...

He sent me a text this a.m., get well soon!

Absea98 said...

Keep up the progress reports guys. A lot of folks are pulling for him!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info on Mike!!!

We are all thinking about him!!

Derf-63 (Fred)

Bigbrimar said...

I talked to Mike yesterday and he is still pretty sore {twhs}.
And Beerhog, you must of had a flash back of when you were in the hospital, 'cause he has a female scrub nurse.

Anonymous said...


If you knew how to read it says IF they have a male scrub nurse.

You read the English language like you read a green. Yep, go ahead and read it four more times and you might get it.


Bigbrimar said...


You were right, the fourth time I got it.

Just like the fourth time you tried to putt a ten footer.

Have a great Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I talked to mike last night, he is feeling better since he's got his pain meds now, he thinks he'll be out Wed. Mary snuck him in some Mickey D'S he said the hospital food is much worse since his last visit! On another note he asked me to post this, my wife took her mother shopping to Westborn Market in Dearborn yesterday and she witnessed Muslim women in full dress Burka buying groceries with a bridge card, when she got to parking lot she saw them loading their purchase NOT onto a Camel but into a Brand new LEXUS SUV, Aqualung

Anonymous said...

I just talked to Mike .... doing well ... Heart in sync ..... :)))

Tubes out, may go home on Monday!!

Sounds GREAT on the phone.

talk to all later!

Fred .... (derf-63)

Gary "absea98" said...

That is great news Fred!!!! Will be good to get him out of the hospital!

Fourputt said...

Hmmm. Giving McDonalds food to a heart patient makes me wonder if Mary is trying to get some life insurance money.