Saturday, December 10, 2011

Community Card Review - Jobs Lost to Obamacare - Just the Beginning

More proof of Left-wing hate for the United States. It makes no sense I know, but one in five Americans hate their country. it's called being mentally ill, i.e., liberal.

To understand the Obama Regime’s affect on the jobs market, look no further than the ‘medical devices’ industry. These are high tech, high paying jobs that are on the cutting edge of improving health care, manufacturing everything from stints to scalpels.

Nance Pelosi was not kidding when she said, “We have to pass Obamacare so we can know what is in it.”

Democrat voters elect these types of genius folks. Repeatedly. And she knows what’s in it – communism.

Well, what was also in it was a $20 billion tax on the medical device industry. Not on their profits, but on every dollar of sales!!!

Congressman Paulsen, who’s district is home to a large number of these jobs said, “Ten percent of the workforce, 43,000 jobs have been lost due to Obamacare already, with more to follow as jobs are moved off shore.”

Paulsen introduced a bill to repeal this section of the bill, but Democrats have blocked it to this point. Only friends of Democrats are getting waivers (over 100 issued so far to Democrat supporters only) from Obamacare, to keep their companies afloat – until after the election. Then Obama won’t care about them either.

Cook Medical employs 10,000 people. Their CEO said, ‘Companies are already moving jobs and technology overseas to avoid the double taxation here. If we don’t repeal this soon, the United States will no longer be the home of the greatest medical breakthroughs.”

The Obama Regime invested billions of taxpayer money into fraudulent “green’ jobs – like Solindra Solar - , in which all the companies are going bankrupt while making Democrat contributors wealthy beyond belief, with the taxpayers the losers in these frauds.

While playing ‘cronie capitalism’ to a level never before seen in this country, Obama is driving the real high tech jobs our nation has overseas. Furthermore, it is all done on purpose.

We elected a communist - who hates the United States of America - as president! You give this traitor another four years, and the United States as a free republic is over. Pure and simple.

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ObamaFan2012 said...

Are you sure that Obamacare included a "$20 billion tax on the medical device industry. Not on their profits, but on every dollar of sales!!!"

I don't remember hearing about that on CNN.