Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LittleRedElf Wins His 2nd of the Year and His 12th NPP Tourney!

When you are a great player …and then the deck shines on you, the rest of us might as well say good night. And we all did.

LittleRedElf wins in a walk and slides past Hartland Poker Tour pro Boother36 on the NPP Walk of Fame. Nicely done Elf!

We welcome RodCPA to the NPP felt. And a hat tip to Derf-63 for showing him in. Rod received the typical NPP welcome of an early elimination. Don’t take it personal Rod. We treat everyone that way the first week.

Besides, LittleRedElf was on fire so there was nothing any of us could do anyways.

On to the action:

12 min: T3chlady (14th) Missed it by losing my hand at the other table.
25 min: Cigar4john (13th) sees his 2 pair lose to Wingsfancurt’s straight.
51 min: A short-stacked (SS) RodCPA (12th) sees his (A9) run into 95corolla’s (AK).
52 min: Pre01 (11th) sees his pocket (88) lose to Suetman123’s pair of kings.
60 min: Tomservo2 (10th) I usually miss the final table bubble hand.

1st break:
Wingsfancurt 4075
Suetman123 2860
Absea98 2720
95corolla 2685
Tommydoo 2290
Derf-63 2145
LittleRedElf 1550
8thmile 1475
Mikeniks-Faldo 1200

76 min: Tommydoo (9th) flops top pair, but LittleRedElf flopped two pair.
82 min: SS Mikeniks-Faldo (8th) has to go with (Ah Th) but LittleRedElf has (JJ).
100 min: A SS Suetman123 (7th) has to go with (AK) but Wingsfancurt hits a 9 on the flop with (As 9s).

105 min: A SS Derf-63 (6th) has to go with (KT) but can’t catch Wingsfancurt with (AT).
107 min: 8thmile (5th) has his (AK) lose to LittleRedElf’s (JJ).
115 min: A SS Absea98 (4th) has to go with (A7) and runs into 95corolla’s (66).

2nd break:
LittleRedElf 9860
Wingsfancurt 8790
95corolla 2350

134 min: A SS 95corolla (3rd) sees his pair get out-kicked by LittleRedElf.

Heads up Wingsfancurt 13000 LittleRedElf 8000
140 min: Wingsfancurt 6300 LittleRedElf 14700
145 min: Wingsfancurt 3300 LittleRedElf 17700

147 min: A SS Wingsfancurt (2nd) has his pair out-kicked by LittleRedElf

Congratulations to LittleRedElf on his 12th NPP win!

1st – LittleRedElf
2nd – Wingsfancurt
3rd – 95corolla
4th – Absea98
5th – 8thmile
6th – Derf-63
7th – Suetman123
8th – Mikeniks-Faldo
9th – Tommydoo
10th – Tomservo2
11th – Pre01
12th – RodCPA
13th – Cigar4John
14th - T3chlady

The total point standings are on the right side of the blog! Remember the top 3 point getters in this 12 round league get a seat in the NPP Finals!

And also remember already [qualified players] are not counted and Faldo is not eligible for the final.

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