Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Community Card Review - Liberal School System's Current Crop of Disasters

Pharaoh Obama’s Ministry of Justice, led by Field Marshall Eric (“I won’t prosecute my people who intimidate voters, but I will sell guns to Mexican Drug Lords in order to blame it on the 2nd amendment”) Holder, is demanding the Alabama school districts turn over a list of names.

They want a record of all students that have dropped out of school this year. The reason? The Communist and Chief wants to see if Alabama’s immigration laws are hurting school attendance by illegal immigrants children.

It was in late September of this year when a Federal judge upheld most of Alabama’s immigration laws.

The Obama dictatorship is suing the State of Alabama for trying to enforce the few FEDERAL immigration laws the FEDERAL court still allowed them to enforce. Czar Obama’s Injustice Department is also suing South Carolina for the same reasons.

A sitting president of the United States, not only failing to enforce federal laws, but using tax payer money to attack those that do, is an out and out violation of his oath of office and an act of treason.

Not that anyone seems to care.

The Atlanta Urinal and Constipation accidentally reported what was an inadvertent act of journalism when wide spread cheating was discovered done by school administrators.

No, the school administrators did not catch cheaters – 180 of them - were the cheaters! They falsified test scores and up-ticked grades of many students to show higher levels of achievement than they actually earned.

The cheating was all about greed. If the students had better grades, the administrators got more funding for their pension plans. [You didn’t think most of the education dollars goes to the classroom – did you? With unions involved? Seriously?? Albert Shanker, head of the United Federation of Teachers once proudly remarked, “I’ll worry about children when they start paying union dues.”]

The students of the Atlanta school system are really worried that this will affect their ability to be accepted into or then perform at colleges they wish to attend.

If liberals can treat children that they are supposed to be caring for this way in order to enrich themselves, one should ask, “What else are liberals lying about and who else are they cheating?”

If Atlanta school children can ask themselves those questions, they may learn one of the most important life lessons – in spite of the liberal school system they were forced to attend.

After decades of coddling student trouble makers in school, New Jersey school administrators claim to now have a ‘bullying’ epidemic in the schools. So the rules are changing.

The act of jumping in front of the school lunch line can now be reported to the POLICE thru the Crime Stopper’s Hot Line. If only the Penn State grad student had witnessed someone ‘taking cuts’ instead, Joe would still be coaching. But I digress. . [I take it Tony Soprano’s NJ union docks where people are still sent to ‘sleep with the fishes are exempt from the new rules? I’m just sayin’.]

Children in school from kindergarten on up will take six hours of training on how to become a state sponsored public snitch, as opposed to a private citizen tattle-tale. [No fear of early Hitler Brown Shirt training. Nothing to see here. Move along.]

Students will be taught that if they see bullying, they are to ‘butt in’, because there are no ‘innocent bystanders’. [No prelude to ‘your neighbor had a banned newspaper, so you MUST have read it too.’ Nothing to see here. Move along.]

Each school must employ an “Anti-bullying Specialist” to investigate complains. Each district must employ an “Anti-bullying Coordinator.” Results must be published on the State’s Education Website. [No union featherbedding here. Of course there is money to pay for all of these salaries – and pensions - and most important, union dues. Nothing to see here. Move along.]

No United States left to see. Move along.


Anonymous said...

Notice you mention nothing about the conservative big business sheep doing business with communist china.

Nik Faldo said...

As opposed to liberal big business jackasses doing business with communist China?

This article was about our collapsed school system. I don't think doing business with China fit in with the topic content.

Even though you wasted 3 minutes of my life with your idiotic post, thanks for stopping by. Liberals being liberal is always entertaining.

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