Saturday, November 05, 2011

Chess Magic - Too Focused!

How does a good player make a serious chess error? Usually by over-thinking minor attacks, threats and positional advantage, without realizing a grenade has already been dropped in your foxhole.

[Faldo has no concept of what error is, but I have heard they happen. That's a shame.]

Here Black has two issues he is concentrating on:
1) making sure his knight does not end up trapped on the edge of the board ("A knight on the rim is grim" - twss) and

2) taking control of the queen side of the board where his strength is amassed.

If White does nothing about this, his pawn structure will be shattered and the enemy will pour thru on the left flank. So White played the natural looking 1. Rc3, which appears to clear the way for re-enforcements.

Black continues his assault plans with 1. ...bxc4

Find how White wins, but only take credit if you find the full three move win.

The solution can be found by emailing Faldo at npokerp@yahoo . com or scroll down the right side of the blog to Chess Magic Revealed.

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