Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sev4TSev Wins NPP Internet #30

We had five. And some conservative play happened throughout.

No real action happened until hand #76 when the two shorter stacks hooked up. Sev4T's AQ hit an A on the river to beat Matchy's 22. Matchy was crippled at that point. His night looked like 747's last week.

The next hand Matchy (5th) goes all in with 93 and I call with 44. The flop comes [A23] and that is not enough for Matchy to catch me. But a [9] on the turn gives him the lead. The torture ends for Matchy as my 4 comes on the river.

The four of us make the first break and after 95 hands:
Sev4TSev 2400
Mikeniks 2200
Duder 1950
ArticBlast 950

On hand #108, a short-stacked ArticBlast takes an all in stab at the pot with Q6s and I have Q9 with a [Q] on the flop. The flush gets there and now I am low man.

On hand #131, Duder and Artic Blast (4th) limp in. A flop of [8s 9s 5d] hits and ArticBlast goes all-in with (Qs 2S) and Duder calls with (8 5). No flush arrives and the Blast is out of air.

On hand #144, I am short-stacked and take a stab at a pot with 65s and a flop of [5A4]. Sev4TSev calls with his 34 and I get healthier. This sets up the next hand situation I think.

On hand #146, Sev4TSev goes all-in with 55 and runs into Duder's KK. But a 5 on the river shows it is the Airplane's night.

On hand #149, I (3rd) go all-in with my (AQ) when the flop is [A49], but Duder has A4 and it's all over for the host.

It was a long battle two-handed - close to 45 minutes - before Duder takes an all-in bluff stab with Q4, but Sev4TSev has T6s and hits the flush to close out the night.

1st - Sev4TSev
2nd - Duder
3rd - Mikeniks
4th - ArticBlast
5th - Matchy

On hand #146, Duder gets Sev4T


Nik Faldo said...

I am in for Beerhog's game on the 11th and Boother's on the 18th.

Beerhog, tell me when you can bring the club by for repairs.

Call me about your other club. I have not done anything with it yet.

Anonymous said...

Sappy but true story...my two older boys were thrilled last night when I got knocked out of the tournamant early because I could tell them a story before they fell asleep. Kind of put the whole poker thing in perspective. Made me feel like a big winner as the loser!

Gosh, I guess I really am a pussy!

Anonymous said...


didnt you say they were 21 and 28? lol......

being a good father is the most important thing you will ever do.

that being said, you are still a pussy..


Anonymous said...

i am trying to get nik out to the coyote this friday. he keeps making up excuses. i think he said he has to clean the wifes car.

talk about a pussy...


p.s. mike i put the club on the back deck........

Anonymous said...

Yes the gang will be there this Fri. @ Coyote if you guys can swing it.

Nik Faldo said...

I can't do Coyote Friday. I got a guy I used to work with who is moving to Grand Rapids shortly. He wants to play Friday at Hartland. I will make it soon.

Beerhog, your cube driver is going to take a while. I did glue the other one for you.

Fourputt said...


I think it's great that you take the time to read/tell stories with your kids.

However, this does not negate the fact that you are a pussy.

tolly said...

boy Matchy you must really be a pussy if FOURPUTT calls you ot like that,


tolly said...

hey guys did Nik tell you we have a nephew who verbally committed to Central Michigan Univ. for football next season. here is the article from the Lansing journal