Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NPP Tuesday Internet Tourney Had Nik Faldo All By His Lonesome

Here I was in Norwalk OH, looking forward to poker with my buds.

I was all alone.

Played with myself anyway and lost heads up.

1st -
2nd - Nik Faldo

Played in four big tourneys on PS since you all ditched me.

Finished 66th in the first one - quadrupling my buy-in.
Out the next two.
In a freeroll - at the 4th break, I am 34th out of 62 - trying to reach the final 27 that qualify for a $1000 freeroll - Weekly Round 2.


Anonymous said...

I was in Arcticblast's backyard playing football w/ my boys. That is two of us who were out. I think alot of the absence has to do with summertime. Greg and I were both commenting last night that we would be more likely to play in 9pm tourneys in the summer. In all honesty I would have been out either way last night as it was beautiful outside and the kids were not even in bed until almost 10.

Nik Faldo said...

Hey, I expected this in the summer.

9pm is too late if we get two tables going (which I would like to get to at some point).

8pm is too early in the summer to sit in the house.

We will try again next week.

Anonymous said...

Nik - did you give yourself 1st place points for your finish on Tuesday??


Nik Faldo said...

No Boother. I didn't give myself any points. I can't get points like that because I am doing the scheduling.

I did give DavetheDog and ArticBlast 2nd place and a half points (8pts) for them showing up when the game was cancelled.

If let's say you and I showed up and the game got cancelled - we could make a heads up tourney (play for the cash and 10 and 7 points) or each take the 8 points.

If just one player (not me) shows up, that player would get the full 10 points.

I think that is the fair way. What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

I think that is more than fair. I was only messing with you!! I just need to pick up my play so I can get that 20+ point lead back that I enjoyed yearlier this year!!!